Homeland Security's Love of Ammo

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. Clearly ammunition in the US requires no security or any fire precautions.
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  2. Well if you don't have another US civil war (which would be decidedly UN civil this time I expect) you can look forward to alot of cheap surplus ammo in ten years time.
    Is there any truth to this or is it just a hoax? All you'd need is a photo of a cargo container and an armoured vehicle on a trailer to make those articles! Why would the vehicle be painted in desert paint if to be used in the good ol US of A? You'll gonna invade Mexico? Seize the taco and guacamole mines! Arriba!
  3. Obviouslt the Dept of Homeland Security is caching ammo at secret locations so that when the Soviets / Chinese / This weeks demon of choice invade the militia (preppies?) will be able to respond.
  4. I cannot speak for preppers but the incredible volume of.ammo purchases have been verified through review of open source government bid data. As I have noted elsewhere if one simply "does the math" of number of armed personnel in the various agencies of the DHS compared to the billions of rounds ordered, the amount per shooter is to pit it mildly, incredible if the ammo is actually primarily for "training" as stated by DHS spokesmen.

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  5. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    well once the plague hits there will be 300 million zombies to deal with, going by the average americans you tube proven marksmanship skills that's an estimated 1,500,000,000,000 rounds needed - minimum.
  6. The US has, though, a veritable panoply of law enforcement personnel, does it not? The Federal Agencies alone cover an almost bewildering variety of law enforcement functions and they are all armed... Presumably, a significant amount of ammunition is held for daily issue as well as a first line reserve.
  7. Very little, it would appear, in Wally World shotgun ammo is stacked up in open shelves and the more shiny rifle and pistol calibres are locked securely behind glass.

    The Homeland Security people are looking a tad suspect. Their attitude, behaviour and functon remind me of the old umiformed KGB. They do take their weapon training seriously as they have a part of Fort Benning, it might be Bragg but I'm reasonably confident its Benning, to use as a firearms training area for their personnel. Their instrctors all wander around in 5.11 trousers and t-shirts or polo shirts with ICE Instructor on them.

    Remember there are tiers to law enforcement here. Local municipal or count agencies could be on the poverty borderline and may have problems paing for the ammo for the annual range qualification, I'm serious. I knew a Police Chief in Florida for a legally designated city who had to rely on cheap second hand patrol cars from Benevolent larger agencies. He used to generate range time for his guys by providing third pary range treining for other agencies.

    State Agencies tend to be better funded. It is amazing who is actuall designated as law enforcement and may carry a badge and gun: Fish and wildlife; park rangers; department of transport - like a mobile state paid MOT inspector with a gun.

    The Feds. Loads of dosh, loads of guns but most of them stlll can't shoot. A while ago there were stories about the US Mail SWAT unit, honest. In Florida the Feds have taken the nice Fish and Wildlife blokes and selected, trained and equipped a super secret SWAT unit, why? Good question.

    You, and the American public, would be amazed at what these Law Enforcement agencies train for and the gear they have tucked away.
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  8. The US Postal Service have a Liaison Officer posted to EUROPOL in The Hague - I did some intelligence checks for this person way back when in 2007. They are a Federal Law Enforcement Agency in their own right. Another job I had a peripheral involvement in was a joint Federal/State Task Force in California, which had seven US Agencies involved, including IIRC the Secret Service, Customs & Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (but not the LAPD because they didn't want to play) and three other's whose names/function I simply cannot recall. To say it was confusing was the least of it...
  9. They're just exercising their Second Amendment rights...
  10. Are Homeland Security looking for extra employees? Mere curiosity of course.
  11. Back when......., a mucker was doing some liaison/follow up after one of the major Federal agencies came to the UK for training, not that they need to do that. Anyway, he used to tell of all the Agencies and Departments tha used to turn up to these particular incidents. His record for number of physically present agencies was 23 all wanting a piece of the kudos.

    I'm not in the business I'm just a humble wannabe constrcuction contractor, but you tend to be attracted to folks with a similar background - particularly when shooting. I get the definate mpression that whilst there are a mltitude of inter-agency taskforces etc. They all look after the interests of their own particular agency or department.
  12. No mate. Well, I say no but it depends on where and what you are willing to do.

    The ICE Instructors I have shot with told me that they have all come from Customs and Border Patrol and been given DHS jobs. DHS is a funny bag of chips though as you can have personnel and complete local agencies that have a DHS role in tme of emergency or just come as units for DHS designated jobs. I used to know a customs bloke down in Florida who had a second hat as a DHS SWAT type person, all the ninja gear, the unit even had an APC thing, the guys day job as a cuzzer was checking immigration status (stamps in passports) and after a trip to the phone box he would emerge as Super Cuzzer SWAT hero.

    But few vacancies with all the returning vets who are being given priority.....unlike the UK.
  13. To be fair, as most Americans have the girth of a large moon it would probably take several million rounds to just kneecap one of the baseball cap wearing beefers.
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  14. Is that all?

    The Economist published a wiring diagram of US intelligence agencies at the time of 9/11. IIRC there were 47 of them...