Homeland Security Advice--"Take scissors to a gunfight"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. That's the "Oh look, it's a baby wolf" tactic.

    It's good for stealing chips.
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  2. Substitute bloke on left for me in JWH, denims and DMS boots and bloke on right for crusty Scottish 'lady' in NAAFI coverall and it's almost a perfect Crimewatch re-enactment of the infamous 'Pitswamper finds he doesn't have enough cash to pay for his pie and milk stand easy scran' case.
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  3. Well, it's a Constitutional right to keep and bear scissors. As long as they're not black-painted 'Assault Scissors' which would be bad and wrong.
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  4. Saying "Don't shoot I'm a hemophiliac" could work.
  5. I usually use a key.

  6. Pah! Bringing a bunch of keys to a gun and scissors fight is only going to get you a whole can of whoop ass my friend.
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  7. Even better - I try and coax the oppo into a rock/paper/ scissors fight - which I ALWAYS win!:)
  8. I suggest that rather than armed guards or permits to carry, one staff member in each school, business or US Postal Service sorting office should be trained in scissor skills.
    Start on on something simple like cutting out papermen, then when confident they could progress to intricate Kirigami work.
    Then when a nut job with a gun goes Postal while the scissor operator amuses and confounds him/her with his snipping skills other staff, children and or other Postmen/women can make their escape.
    Either that or he/she will be the first to be riddled.
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  9. Would that be black or white coax?

    coax cable.jpg
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  10. And would that be 50 or 75 Ohm??