Homefront (new series)

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by scotty_dog, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. Just saw a clip of the new series i think starts tonight shows modern army life from the families side, clip showed an army wife out jogging (must be modern never saw that in the 80's) a car goes past and she recognises the regt. padre she gets in a panic and runs home as she gets to her door the car goes past and you see the utter relief on her face. Old army humour kicked in i saw a funny side of it and l laughed next thing realised there were tears streaming down my face at what was coming to another wife. Hope this series is going to be a good one not sure of the roller coaster emotions though.( i was a pad brat and did a few years in so saw life from both sides)
  2. Apparently asked real army wives for advice about it. So basically it's going to be about coffee mornings, ******* the rear party while the blokes are away and arguments with other wives on Facebook. ******* doggers
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  3. I can only hope they have added porn to the series make it even more watchable. a couple of squaddies spitroasting the C.O's wife Raz mans wife Dogging (a whole new series)
  4. Apparently my nephew is in this series as an extra....probably as a layabout or something!
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  5. Does anyone know if this going to be a straight documentary or will it become a docu-soap? Sort of 'Soldier, Soldier' meets TOWIE. The mind boggles. Still, it is on my Sky+ box on series link just in case.
  6. Will it show them fighting over moses baskets in the thrift shop ?
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  7. "what goes on tour stays on tour" ...no it don't, there is always some pussywhipped scumbag who gobs off to his bootfaced, baggy-assed nemesis, and causes a shitstorm on the patch.
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  8. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Bugger! I am disappointed, I thought it was a film spin off fom the hooter game of the same name.
  9. Quite suprising that the first thing I noticed on the advert was the fact that none of the guys had medals mounted. Got a feeling its just going to paint the Army a bad shade of shite. That 'what happens on tour stays on tour' shite will have every ron hill wearing leviathan thinking that their old man has been nailing something on tour.
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  10. Couldn`t agree more. I get the feeling from the trailer that it will be akin to`eastenders` with a bit of mtp thrown in.
  11. Apparently ALL Army quarters are like that.

    It wasn't too bad I suppose. Bit slow though, and the OC blokey is definitately up to no good.......
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  12. Well the quarters in 'Homefront' were quite similar to my old posting, mind you it was a Tri-service area.

    Most didn't judge 'Soldier Soldier' after just one episode so I'll hold back for this attempt for now.
  13. Ahhh now this takes me back.

    Guard 2ic on a Bank Holiday weekend having to prevent some fat stiletto wearing mess from getting in to the Sgt's mess to "Rip his dick off."

    "He" was not flavour of the month with The Adjt come tuesday morning when he had to explain how he had caught a dose in Kenya from of all things a creature from the RAMC rather than a local and then kept it from his Mrs upon his return, resulting in her, no doubt smelly clunge, being poisoned.
  14. Can I have a qtr like those ones please?

    I have just spent the last hour reading all the comments on the home front Facebook page, god it has taken a right beating from a lot of angry females.
  15. Didn't watch it. From the trailer it seemed to be a sort of military version of "Footballers Wives". Perhaps I'm being unfair. Must remember to have a gander at the ITV Player thing.