Homecoming parades

In a column in the the Belfast Telegraph yesterday the first sentence reads: "In England there was a self imposed moratorium by the British Army on homecoming parades because of anti-war protests."

I don't remember that. Is it true? This writer ('Mark Thompson') is using it to partly justify a ban on the RIrish marching in Belfast on Sunday.

(The rest of his column is the usual bitter guff from the republican-victims-of-everything, by the way. I think his bile results from not having received a £35k present for nothing much which the British Government saw fit to hand to Alex Maskey and which Maskey's now desparately trying to explain really wasn't a payment for information received.)
How many IRA suspects died in British custody as a %? How many British troops survived being captured by the IRA as a %? Whining gits!
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