Homecoming for our troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by nigegilb, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. Anyone know of any plans to welcome our troops home? I hope they don't think their efforts have not been noticed in Blighty. I would welcome the chance to show some appreciation, for a fantastic effort.
  2. I wonder if they will think to fly them into an airfield closer to home (Colchester), or bring them into BZZ/LYE.
  3. If its anything like normal they will land at Carlisle airport, get open topped double deckers to The Lake district and then sail to Dover on the Windermere ferry.......
  4. As thanks for their efforts they'll be delayed at Kandahar for six hours before being flown into BZZ on a 40 year old charter aircraft staffed by miserable harridan air hostesses who will limit them to two 33cl bottles of water for the flight and refuse them a business class seat, despite 40-odd being available, because 'the military didn't pay for them'.

    Once at BZZ, they'll have to wait two hours for suffcient coaches to be found to drive them to Colchester, whereupon it will be discovered that half of their luggage has gone missing and been sent to the Falklands. For an extra laugh, we could divert the aircraft to Birmingham and then move everyone to BZZ by coach before giving them their luggage adding an extra 6 to 8 hours onto the whole affair.

    Cynical moi?
  5. What? All of them or the last one out? If the latter we could combine it with the silver jubilee of Chazza's reign
  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    if you live in the Colchester area here's something YOU could do:-

    - Take a copy of Cpl_Ripper's most excellent poster.

    - print it off as an A3 Landscape copy

    - walk down to your local newsagent and ask if you can PAY to put it in their window till Christmas.


    If you know someone who was there, physically pat them on the back and say ' Bloody well done - glad to see you home '

    Le Chevre
  7. My homecoming last week was a 19 hr journey from hell courtesy of the RAF via Saudi (4 hr refuelling and not allowed off aircraft), Hannover (2hrs) finally landing at Brize in early hours of morning. Obviously I haven't included the royal fcuk around from Bastion via Bagram to Kabul where we were met by a little Hitler mover (complete with every neo-nazi tattoo available to mankind.
    Including the overnighter at Kabul it took 36hrs to get back to UK which is surprising as it only took 9hrs to get to Afgan!!
  8. I know that there will be folk extracting from HERRICK who will have had horror shows but, just to balance out things a bit, the BG are staging through an interim location for a two day decompression break. Sun, sea, still sand, but films, sport to watch and play, and £50 a man to expend on a few tinnies. You see guys, although we want to rant, just once in a while the system gets it right.
  9. TCO,

    Funny old thing, but i haven't seen a little Hitler mover at Kabul with tattoos!!
  10. Well done Rickshaw, a lot of work, by the CoC, went into ensuring that the decompression happened. well done 3 PARA for pushing so hard. It is the very least that could be done to sp their return and hopefully it was just long enough.
  11. He's a tom, jock, ginger hairs, pasty white runt of a bloke with a multitude of "seig heil" tats on both forearms.
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Welcome back Crimp_off,Glad you're back in one piece!!! Now get some beer's down ya neck!!
  13. Does anyone know if decompression will be an on going thing for guys on tour or a one off?

    The Canadians and Italians have it for everyone coming off tour and have done for some time
  14. It will be provided for those actively involved in combat ops rather than for all on Ops if you see the difference. A real good news story and one where the CoC have fully sp the tps - recognising the need for a period to cool off and unwind in unit groups.
  15. TCO,

    I know the one you mean.
    PM me with details if you want, as this is the last thing that you all need when going home :x