Homecoming - 4 RIFLES

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Queensman, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. I went to watch 4 RIFLES parade on the Market Square in Salisbury yesterday lunch time. Miserable weather but a good turn out of the General Public cheering and waving Union Flags in the drizzle.

    Sadly not all of the Battalion were there - one of the companies had been redeployed in Afghanistan for a bit longer: must have played havoc with a company's worth of chuff charts, poor sods.

    It was a moving spectacle, despite the Battalion Second in Command wandering around with the Inspecting Party with his bloody hands in his pockets! And the CO with his behind his back - I thought it was only the Quartermaster who could have his hand behind his back on parade whilst walking?

    Terribly sad to see a couple of boys (and they didn't look much more than boys, agewise), sitting to one side in wheelchairs, one without any legs. Dreadful.

    I don't understand why the officers were unarmed - the rank and file were carrying rifles. Must be something to do with the new fashion of parading in combat kit.

    The Band and Bugles were good but, sorry, I still think Light Infantry drill is comical and most 'unmilitary'. But the march past was over in nano-seconds which I suppose is advantageous on days like that!

    Welcome home my new 'County' Regiment.
  2. I still think its funny you call yourself queersman.. sorry queensman!
  3. Nothing wrong with light drill if done correctly, and it is hard to do correctly. Obviously it's too intelligent for some people though........
  4. Light drill can look smart as **** when done right. Unfortunately, it doesn't really work when it's not been practiced exhaustively, or when the blokes are sized off badly, or in C95.
  5. Light Infantry Regiments, in particularly the Rifles, are more interested in doing the job on the battlefield. We tend not to be too worried about if somebody has there hands behind there back on a homecoming parade.