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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. Pretty self explanitory really.

    I have been experiementing running my homebrew wine through coffee filters to speed up the process and reduce the amount of racking I do. This will also (hopefully) reduce the wastage.

    Old yeast (sediment) flavours the wine, and a few experiments have resulte din some very delicate flavours (lemon, lemon balm and banana to name but three of my experiments).

    So. Here's the thing.

    I run the first rack through a sieve and muslin. Then the second through filter paper. I usually change the paper 2 or 3 times as it cacks up in sediment.

    But the types of wine I mentioned above aren't that sedimenty at the moment, and this is the final filter for bottling.

    After I've run two and a bit litres through the filter it seems to practically seal up. Is this the cheap wilkos filters or is this normal for coffee filters?

    I'm sort of guessing the 2 and a bit litres of liquid causes the paper to expand and seal up the pores...

    Any ideas or suggestions to use something else gratefully received.

    I've got some dandylion and elderflower to bottle soon.
  2. use your **** sock
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  3. Or you could just save time and buy cheap 2 litre bottles of cider like the other beardy tramps do.
  4. Alas Taff, there is no way any fluid is going to seep though my w4nk sock... it is more like a amphorae and chaffs a bit now.
  5. I have just made rhubarb wine and it's almost finished fermenting, still a bit cloudy. Time or finings may help. Think the old man used to use egg white or egg shells.
  6. Never heard of eggs beng used... I'll have to ask about that one.

    Time I usually do. Finings I try to avoid. My beer and wine is just fruite/hops/what have you, sugar, yeast and water.

    Current haste is due to a lack of empty demijohns and space in my 'brewing area' and, a concer for the dead yeast flavouring the lemon balm.
  7. Try spltting a tissue in two, I use one inside a sieve for stock... works for that, maybe worth a try, it isn't as fine as a coffee filter.

    Maybe more than once?
  8. Cheers Vinnie and BC. I may look in ot the tissue thing, the pond filters, would they have chemicals in the pads?
  9. They are nylon mesh bags basically, the really fine ones clog quickest, might be worth emailing that supplier in the linky,all they do is filters. The last wine kit we did was a Solomon Grundy Platinum Cab Sav, after seven days we add the finings, pack A then pack B, pack B being Chitosan Chitosan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia completely odourless flavourless and does an incredible job of catching sediment.

    I gave up homebrew 20 years ago, today the kits are excellent and the finings are too. They used to whiff and you could tell they had been used.
  10. Think I know the kits you mean. I used some a few years back, basically add sachet a to b, to c to d etc.

    I'll be honest, now I just like 'crafting' the finished article. Something satisfying about watching the stuff bubble and settle on the racks...

    I'll give the link a quick look see, and see what comes up. If it is nylon bags, you could proably boil off any chemicals anyway.

    And you can mix and match the flavours. Made a very nice runner bean and pea pod brew.
  11. just **** off and drink bleach you ****.
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  12. aye thats me
  13. Thught I'd strayed into the NAAFI for a second. With the word '****' being used in a (now locked) thread about buying a bicycle, is it any surprise ARRSE is degenerating to these depths. :roll: