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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thegimp, Jul 16, 2006.

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  1. Gents

    My much better half has decided she requires a hobby and has shown an interest in homebrewing

    I have experience of "Boots beer in a bag" type set ups and thought they were excellent, fill bag with water, chuck it in the airing cupboard, wait three weeks and hey presto 20 pints of vaguely drinkable rocket fuel

    I am completely unable to find any reference to these with a couple of hours wasted googling

    I am looking for a just add water homebrew system that really means "JUST ADD WATER"

    I've seen the "Brewzer" 10 pint system but to be honest this is rubbish, I really require higher volumes ie 40 pints ish

    Any ideas, links, points in the right direction, I'm certainly not looking for quality, rather ease of production and quantity

    Pehaps some pickling advice at the same time :D

    warmest regards
  2. Cleanlinest was the major consideration, when I used to brew my own.
    Used to get a decent drink, but the bitter tasted lagerish.

  3. Try Morrisons supermarkets, they used to have all the gear needed for homebrew. I used to make wine when I worked in the Middle east with grape juice in cartons, sugar and baking yeast. 5 ltrs of grape juice, 20 ltrs of water and 3 kg of sugar in a 25 ltr plastic jerrycan. leave in a warm place for 4 weeks, siphon off in to another jerry and leave for two weeks. Siphon in to bottles or just drink straight from the siphoning tube. It always worked for me.
  4. this will soon be advertised as the SAS/SBS/PARA/MARINE home brewing kit, more expensive but you have the satisfaction of drinking the same pint as Andy McRyan, Free black Nasty Eyepatch!!
  5. Don't do it. Your breath starts to smell rancid and you end up drinking it all yourself as no bugger will come near you.
  6. its an old thread and the wrong season. but has anyone got any pickle recipes they'd reccommend for next years allotment veg

    what is good to grow and pickle
  7. Try the WilkinsonPlus (Wilko stores) on t'internet,Home & Baby section,Home Brewing.Tried the Geordie Bitter kit which was braindead proof,& killed off some more grey cells!Bit worried about babies making homebrew though :slow:
  8. Do it ! Do it ! I haven't bought beer from a Supermarket or off licence for over 18 months now. I'm fermeting 40 pints at about 30 - 35p per pint and it's very good stuff. Capital outlay is less than £100 and you get a life time of boozy enjoyment. My shed is also my very well established brewery and I have plenty of stock.

    Go online: Coopers is a good outlet and have a shop in North Camp / Farnborough. Salisbury boasts a good home brew shop too. If you're near Bristol, I feel sorry for you, but never-the-less there's a home brew shop in Keynsham.

    The key to the whole task is cleanliness.

    I do rather like the idea of getting the other half to do it ! Priceless !

  9. There is an excellent Austalian kit produced by Coopers that makes 40 pints for less than £11 per can. I have used their kits for over 25 years and have always been happy with the beer. Coopers Draught Bitter (really a lager) and stout are really tops.
    As already mentioned cleanliness is very important but don't spend a fortune on specialist chemicals - I always use Boot's baby bottle sterilizing solution. Always use a hydrometer and bottled beer usually turns out better than the "pressure keg" beers.
  10. That's where I go, although don't make my own lager anymore. Used to have milk crates full of Newcastle brown bottles full of lager. Advantage is that you can put them in the fridge.

    The bigger stock you have, the longer you can leave it before you drink it. As you make a new batch, place it on the bottom of the stack.

    Make my own wine now, currently drinking rice and raisin. May top up my stock in the next few days.
  11. Pickling onions and gherkins, unbeatable.
  12. I remember a long time ago shortly after moving in to a new married quarter, the missus pickled some onions and eggs and put them in the back of a cupboard to mature. Three years later when packing for our next posting she found them. They were by then matured and just perfekt!
  13. pickled eggs are awesome.

    the best bit is that you don't have to hard boil any eggs, just wop one out of the jar and into the egg slicer for immediate egg butties
  14. My Dad has done home brew for years. Passed all his gear onto me a few years ago when i showed an interest in making it, not just drinking it :) I buy any extra bits of gear from Wilkinsons whilst I was living in Leicester but just moved upto Leyland and there is a place called "Leyland Homebrew". Friendly couple who own it. Happy to chat about the hobby instead of just sell you stuff.

    If you want any pointers etc, drop me a line :)