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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thegimp, Jul 16, 2006.

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  1. Gents

    My much better half has decided she requires a hobby and has shown an interest in homebrewing

    I have experience of "Boots beer in a bag" type set ups and thought they were excellent, fill bag with water, chuck it in the airing cupboard, wait three weeks and hey presto 20 pints of vaguely drinkable rocket fuel

    I am completely unable to find any reference to these with a couple of hours wasted googling

    I am looking for a just add water homebrew system that really means "JUST ADD WATER"

    I've seen the "Brewzer" 10 pint system but to be honest this is rubbish, I really require higher volumes ie 40 pints ish

    Any ideas, links, points in the right direction, I'm certainly not looking for quality, rather ease of production and quantity

    Pehaps some pickling advice at the same time :D

    warmest regards
  2. I have to say I do like my specialist beers (no, I haven't got a beard) and the homebrews that I've tasted have all been hideous. Far better off letting the pro's do it and pay that little bit extra.

    Hmmm spitfire.....
  3. Tell the better half to take up knitting and buy some Stella; home brew is always humungous, yet you are always polite to those that serve it up.
  4. Hmmmm Speckled Hen
  5. Snecklifter.
  6. You need to link up with someone who has worked in Saudi. Those guys can work brain-bleeding miracles with a dustbin, some alchohol free lager and a sack of sugar.
  7. No NO No NO NO, the only redeeming part of being at Dahran was the ability to go to Bahrain for a Guinness and other proper alcoholic beverages, instead of the foulest muck ever placed on the earth. I would rather have drunk the p*ss of a reeperbahn whore than the sheite served in the compounds. Another pleasant pastime was watching the pious saudis getting smashed and chasing the blye eyed blonde boys for a bit of uphill gardening. My colleague spent a couple of hours locked in his room with a saudi hammering f*ck out of the door screaming " i love you ". Thank f*ck i'm bald.
  8. I fcuking hate Saudi's. The most hypocritical ignorant race on the planet.
  9. Lawrence of Arabia spoke quite highly off them, and he didn't mention you at all matelot :)
  10. Has to be snecklifter, on a warm summers evening/cold winter night in the Kings Head, out in the beer garden/in front of the roaring fire with a barman (well child to be honest) who starts pulling the pints when he sees you stand up.
    Failing that, stuff that makes your teeth go numb after a pint and will have you projectile vomiting across the landing after 4, try Edme homebrew ale.
    Tin, sugar, water, yeast and forget about it for a few weeks.
    You can pick it up in Morrisons long with the 25 litre wine kits......I like coc au van OK.
  11. If you can get into Makro they do the just add water bags. Otherwise the kits in tins arent bad at all, but require bins etc.
  12. I had a nice kit in a tin jobby once. Turned out fine. Wonder why boots stopped doing them - the gits!

  13. Get yerself (or the missus) a 60lt fermenter with an airlock and tap, couple of cans of Cooper (Australian) Real Ale or Stout,Avaliable Here 2kgs of plain white sugar, don't worry about the dextrose crap. Follow instructions that come with the cans, too easy. For bottling get hold of 32 x 1.5lt pet bottles, works just as well as capping. Just remember to keep everything as clean as possible. Been brewing for about 15 years now, takes about half an hour to get a brew down and about an hour to bottle and clean up. It's ready to drink after 3 weeks, 2 at a pinch 8) 2 bottles and you'll be seeing wombats at the bottom of the garden :D

    PM me if you need more details.