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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Giancarlo_Badass, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. I already have a WiFi router on my unlimited Broadband connection but there is a distance issue to the office I'm creating.

    Quetions are:

    Is there a booster I could buy and use?

    Or, can I go and buy another router, plug it in and crack on?

    If yes, are there broadcast frequency issues I need to be aware of and where could I find the frequency of my exisitng router so I can know what to avoid?

    All advice appreciated, thank you.
  2. First things first.

    No you don't have unlimited.... no such thing as unlimited. If your broadband provider told you that - sack em for being lying cnuts.

    Next thing is... there are a lot of 'It Depends On' in your potential answers.

    It depends on... how far, thickness of walls, current signal strength... just for starters.

    There is though one sure method of getting the job done and that is to have the phone line moved to your office. This way you can locate the router in a spot where you can keep an eye on it, plus you can run RJ45 also known as CAT5 or Ethernet cables to your machines as a back up for where the wifi sig is flakey. I have several machines here, all in the same office and all with different signal strengths... it's obvious from the way we move laptops around here that there's much more to the strength of the signal than where the router is, but the closer to the machines - the better.... is a good rule of thumb.

    A mate of mine has a holiday cottage and he tried installing a booster to service the cottage, both his house and the cottage have thick stone walls and in the end he ran a cable over from his router to a booster in the cottage... only about 5 or 6 yards, but the booster didn't do the job alone.

    Personally I would cost the moving of the phone line, if you can afford it - do it - sooner or later you'll wish you had.
  3. I have unlimited with bt, currently running 109 gb at part way through the month.
    one kid on x box, wife on I pad, other son on battlefield 3 and me on wow.
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I have a similar agreement with BT, but I think you will find in the small print somewhere a bit about "Fair usage" :)
  5. Any idea on connecting in a laptop with no wi-fi to a wi-fi hotspot? I own an old but perfectly serviceable Compaq D2000 Presario & wondered if it was possible to plug something into one of the ports so I could link to the router wirelessly.

    I see no point in buying a new laptop when all I really want wi-fi for is to save me going up to the study when I'm happy in front of the fire & to allow me to use the web when MrsPlume is on the PC.
  6. buy a wifi dongle, older laptops can have a card put in. I did that for my wifes old laptop before we got her a newer one
  7. Click
  8. If you have usb ports on laptop then go to this link usb wireless dongle - Google Search

    There are several options for you in the usb wireless dongle area.
  9. Indeed... plus chokes, natural limits based on allocation of data transfer on each IP range, limits on connections to their server............ and if every BT Broadband customer logged on at the same time... their systems would crash because they have massively oversold capacity.
  10. Many thanks, all. I'm a complete techno feckwit (except for HF Wiggly Amps) having always been had IT straight out of the box & set up by work, so wouldn't ave known where to start or even if my idea at all feasible...
  11. I'm not familiar with the D2000 and couldn't find any specs, but if you can install a wireless card that's the best option. Dongles are the other option, but not usually as stable. A visit to your local techie with the lappy would be my suggestion.
  12. Presumably the office will be on the same home power circuit. If so here is the answer.
    Plug one in the router the other into the lappy and networking through the mains circuit.
    Other producers are available
    I use these at home and hve no problems at all. Got them originally to stop some local git trying to nick my wifi signal.
  13. I think it's a D2000 (am away from home at the moment & can't check). Bought it in the PX in Bosnia in 2002/2003 & it still seems powerful enough for what I need (bit of Word Processing, some spreadsheets & web-surfing, rather than games or storing movies). Therefore if I can find a cheap-ish fix rather than replace the machine as a whole I will do so.
  14. PM me when you get back with checked details and I'll see if I can dig up.