Home Town

For me sadly it's Sutton in the London Borough of.
Once a lovely place to live in the 60 & 70's but now going downhill, fast.
The ben hilton estate with all it's teenage mothers/chavs on benefit & with children called jordan, whtiney & courtney.
Asda at the bottom of the high street & morrisons at the top.

When i was in my late teens, early twenties you could start at eagle star house at the bottom of the high street & have a drink in every pub until you got to the station & then get a train home. Nowadays a drink in every pub/club/crap hole and you would be dead from alcohol poisoning!

The top part of town past the station is ok, but not a town i would walk through after dark!
Don't have one.

Pad brat then full 24 years myself means that my "home town" is where ever I happen to be living at the time.

Come back in 15 years or so and then I might be able to contribute.

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