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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by watch_the_birdie, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. I need to update what I claim for Home to Duty travel, as it has changed. I tried to do this a couple of weeks ago at my TAC on a drill night, but once I logged on I had no idea where to go in JPA, and none of the staff who were about did either. This was including the SPS personnel.

    I can find where to claim for "one off" travel claims, but totally lost in finding the bog-standard home to duty travel claim. I know it's there, but I last did it when I had a JPA trainer standing over my shoulder telling me what to click.

    Any idea what I'm looking for when I log in, or at least where I can look for help on this? I can't go into my TAC during the working day, so I'm stuck with doing it on a drill night or weekend, where none of the permanent staff are about or indeed anyone who would be able to help me better than last time.
  2. surely if you just update teh address you travel from then it automatically works it out, no? ive barely touched JPA so could be completely wrong.
  3. It's in the same place that you would clam for one off journeys.

    When you click creat a new expense claim the screen where you input your authority you see the type of claim as other duty travel by default you need to select the drop down arrow next to this and select HDT Manual. Enter your authority and click next, hit the details button on the first line and you can input your claim details such as number of days travel as well as whether it's public or private but you'll have to put in the amount manually. You can get the correct rates off your unit HR staff or from the relevant JSP in the JPA library.

    Hope this helps.
  4. If it's HDT Auto e.g. more than 15 journeys pcm, it's a HR thang.
  5. Apparently not. My address is updated, the HTD travel is not. I'm not coming to you for help anyway! Ha.

    Si-2603 - I shall have a look! Thanks.
  6. So it is less than 15 Journey's a month then?
  7. Sorry, didn't see your reply as it was just put in at about the same time.

    My HDT would be (for a "standard" month say) 4 or 5 x drill nights, there and back. And then 2 weekends...travel there on Friday night, then back home Sunday afternoon.

    All I know is, it is currently stuck on the public transport fares I put in about a year ago, when I was at a different unit and this was with the help of one of the admin staff, as before then I'd never been on JPA properly. I'm now transferred units and use different transport, and thus need to make sure the amount is correct so I don't claim for an incorrect amount or journey.

    As far as I can make out, everytime you sign a paysheet and you put the code in the HDT column as "normal" or whatever it is, you are basically stating that you travel there and back in accordance with what you have selected on JPA as your standard HDT travel?

    This is why I'm trying to get it changed, so any help would be appreciated.
  8. For the TA, if you change your address on JPA, it will not update HDT. You need to see PSAO or AO and they have to input it for you. It is not a JPA Self Service element.
  9. You just need to Update your Personal Address details and this should be actioned automatically.

    I believe people are confusing travel with subsistence claims where you use your car for courses etc. This has to be done everytime you go away from your NORMAL journey.

    Max HDT single jouney is 70 miles. If anyone out there travels over that amount one way, then their AO should be adding the additional milage (less 1 mile) as a 'Ferry Charge' at Motor Milage Rate (MMA) at the Private Car Rate (PCR) rate manually. The system doesn't automatically add the MMA rate every year.

    e.g Single journey HOME TO TAC is 106 mile times (less 71 miles)

    AO needs to add manually in the Personnel's Entry screen

    35 X MMA at PCR (1/4/09) MV over 126cc = 35 X 31.2p = £10.92

    The person's entry should have 10.92 added as of the 1/4/09.
  10. I travel 60 miles each way and have been told that I can only claim a maximum of 50 miles each way by HR. :evil:
    I will talk to HR on monday and hopefully get some cash back, but wont hold my breath. :roll:
  11. Max is 50 for Full time.

    For you guys however:

    d. Reservists and some Cadet Force personnel may be eligible for travel in excess of 50 miles (eg due to the location of alternative Specialist Units). Permission to travel over 50 miles is to be sought from their CO, who in turn should seek the appropriate financial authority through their chain of command if they do not hold the delegated authority. If approved, the full mileage minus the PC may be reclaimed.
  12. Turns out you only need to fill in this "change of HDT on JPA" form by hand, which I got on the drill night last week.

    Find it surprising they knew nothing about this form the last time I tried to get this changed....would have saved a lot of hassle and perplexed faces. Well it's all sorted now, I just find it very odd how everything on JPA is now supposed to be down to the soldier to log in and change it physically on the computer, but instead I just fill in a form by hand.
  13. Most Financial stuff is still HR WtB. And the stuf that is Self Service, Is audited by HR anyway.

    Advancement at it's very best...