Home to Duty Travel (HDT) and Mess Room

To any JPA and or JSP 752 Gurus out there,

I have scoured the internet and this forum to find a similar scenario to mine but alas I can not find the answer to this question.

For reasons I shall not bore people with, myself and the mrs are going to be commuting 50 miles for work after moving into our new home, with myself moving out of the Mess.

My question is, is it possible to claim HDT AND keep a room in the Mess?

It's crap Grade 4 accommodation but for £30 a month it's worth keeping this cupboard room with a bed and telly at base for nightshifts and as storage, which is all I'm thinking of doing. I can't find anything in JSP 752 to say that I can't claim and pay for a room, but I also can't find anything to strictly say I can.

Does anyone know any more than I? Or is this a case of don't ask the question to the powers that be...

Any help would be greatly appreciated Hugh Jass
I’m not a JSP752 guru, but HDT is for daily travel from your residence address to work
If you have a room in the mess then you have a local residence and could be treated as a weekend commuter - living on site in the mess during the week and going home for weekends.

Mess accommodation isn’t intended for storage & nightshifts (though there are tales of those used as a changing room)
For this you ought to get a room as and when required. If you’re taking one up all of the time then you have a cheap room available and occasional visitors can’t get one, resulting in a hotel charge
My question is, is it possible to claim HDT AND keep a room in the Mess?

No idea.

Sgts Mess

However, if there is spare rooms in the mess and you are on good terms with both the Mess Manager ( do they have them nowadays ) and the RSM, you might be unofficially be able to acquire the use of one of these spare rooms.

Offr's Mess

You're on your own with that one :) :)


This is possible. Firstly register your Residence at Work address as your home address. Secondly if on good terms with PM and Mess Manager as above retain gash room. Ensure you carry out more than 18 return journeys per month from your RWA to work, this will ensure auto payment of HDT. Thirdly, hand in the requisite docs to support the allowance to your Admin Office and carry out a 'faux' march out of your gash room to stop SLA charges. End of the day its all down to customer service at your location and how you get on with head sheds.
Thanks for the replies chaps, it is indeed for the Sgt’s mess which is virtually empty. I’ll press on and see what happens. It is for the odd night shift here and there so I’ll post on here the result

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