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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by smith123, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. Could someone please tell me how this works. I received my first pay slip yesterday and it appears they have paid me about £13 for an 88 mile round trip. I thought it was 40p per mile?
  2. Where was the trip from/to and for what reason?
  3. How do they calculate the distance? Is by the shortest route or the most logical?
  4. Journey was from home to barracks for drill nights or weekend training.
  5. 40pence a mile - more like 20! (stand to be corrected though)
  6. HTD is 22p a mile or it was last I heard
  7. HTD is definately NOT 40p per mile; sadly (I think it may even be as low as 18p) I don't know about your unit but mine asks us what the distance is and then does random checks to make sure you aren't taking the p1ss. My recc would be to use the AA route finder and offer that as proof of distance. Hope this helps.
  8. Asked same question a couple of weeks ago they said 28p a mile.
  9. Well depending on how you calculate it from the above figures, its either 15p or 30p per mile. :?
  10. don't let them use autoroute on ya - it has a mgical way of coming up short on distances!! Like the man said use AA or the like.

    for info - most civvy company policies are roughly 40p/m some upped it a little while back but most still 40.
  11. The current rate is roughly 31p, I suppose how yours comes through depends on how the claim is made. If you do an separate mileage claim every time you go to TAC through JPA ( Don't ask how PSAO territory for me :p)you should get roughly 31p a mile, that is what I get, although I am not sure how it works on a set travel claim, as in, the box you put a Y in for travel every time you sign a pay sheet.

    Hope this was some what useful.
  12. Thanks for all the advice, will ring paystaff after Easter break.
  13. Taken from JSP 752 dated 2006?

    04.1326. Maximum Distance. All HDT (Public) and HDT (Private) claimants will be restricted to a maximum of 50 miles per single journey, including the distance of any PC, except for the following:

    a. Personnel in Central London assignments will be issued with a season ticket or paid unlimited HDT for their full public transport travel costs, recognising that the majority will travel by public transport, normally rail.

    b. Individual cases may be submitted in exceptional circumstances (ie medical or compassionate) for JPAC Pay and Allowances Casework Cell (PACC) authority to claim HDT (Public) or HDT (Private) for single journeys up to 70 miles.

    c. COs may authorise Service personnel to travel in excess of 50 miles or 90 minutes, but the HDT entitlement will remain at the 50 mile maximum. COs must be content that the Service person’s performance of their duties will not be adversely affected by the long journey.

    d. Reservists and some Cadet Force personnel may be eligible for travel in excess of 50 miles (eg due to the location of alternative Specialist Units). Permission to travel over 50 miles is to be sought from their CO, who in turn should seek the appropriate financial authority through their chain of command if they do not hold the delegated authority. If approved, the full mileage minus the PC may be reclaimed.


    04.1329. Calculation of HDT Rates. Rates of HDT (Public) and HDT (Private) and the PC applicable in the UK are based on the Private Car Rate (PCR) of Motor Mileage Allowance (MMA) (see Section 6 of this Chapter) and are published in the annual SP Pol Allowances Directed letter “Rates of Entitlement for Allowances for Service Personnel”. Overseas manual claimants will be paid at the appropriate overseas MMA at PCR for travel by private motor vehicles or on actual costs for other forms of transport. Overseas PC rates will be one or 9 times the local MMA at PCR mileage rate depending on whether they reside in public or private accommodation. Automated UK and overseas HDT daily rates assume 18 days per month, on average, are travelled to work and the daily rate is thus calculated for HDT (Public) and the first 27 miles of HDT(Private) as follows:

    PCR MMA rate per mile x single mileage travelled x 2 (for return journey) x 18 (days) x 12 (months) ÷ 365 (days) = Daily Rate.

    For 28 miles and beyond for HDT (Private) the daily rates are reduced for affordability reasons. They are calculated using the same formula as above but the resulting increase per mile is reduced by 2/3rds. The appropriate resulting daily rates are paid each day throughout the entitlement period.
  14. All TA receive HTD (Public) calculated using the manual method so you are paid for journeys actually made as opposed to a daily rate based on the manual method at the current rate of 28.3p per mile. Also a 1 mile each way is payable, so if the return distance is 88 miles you should receive 86x .283 = £24.34.