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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by wooger, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. People may be in for a little suprise in their pay statments at the end of the month. HDT has gone down by about 20%, but I do not remember that being announced with the rest of the pay awards (I know the he ARPRB does not look at allowances).

    Give petrol has gone up by 20% in the last year it seems someone has their + and - confused!

    Thin end of a wedge?
  2. Just spotted that one on Apr 10's pay statement. Big cut, but then they had to fund the pay rise somewhere :( . Not happy though I'm now taking home less than I was before the pay rise. But they are trying to get rid of people now, maybe this is just their way of encouraging people.
  3. MMA is reduced as well, to 25p per mile, as is overseas IE (from 10 to 5 UKP)
  4. Welcome to the real world!
  5. Yes, I spent quite some time in the real world before the Army poached me. In fact, a lot more time than 90% of my CEG who have never worked outside the services.
    Looks like that's where I will be heading again, it's little wonder only the old and bold with no imagination are propping up the Army, festering in their stores and offices whilst p1issing off anyone who dares to approach anything with a hint of innovation or common sense.
  6. Nobody will stop you............. off you go and whine elsewhere! I drive 100 miles a day and whilst I am disappointed with the cut in HTD, I appreciate the allowance I get. There aren't many civ companys that will give you any allowance. See if you can find one and join them :roll:
  7. Yet another sly and devious erosion of your terms and conditions... but what else do you expect from the b*stards?

    Only fair that you should have your allowances cut..... there are Afghan Asylum seekers in desperate need of mansions you selfish b*stards!!
  8. I had an interesting conversation in the mess this morning, the main theme being the total lack of money available for the maintenance of the camp. If a window gets broken tough titties it's getting boarded up. If a boiler goes man down it won't be repaired, instead anyone living in that block will be shoehorned into the other accommodation.

    It's going to be like living in Monty Lines if it carries on for long. :D

    On a separate note there doesn't seem to be any money kicking around in the contract repair budgets. I don't know if it's just my Bde but we have been unable to get equipment into 3rd line repair as we can't pay for it.
  9. Nope, and not many civ companies expect you to move entire jobs at 24hours notice either. I was recruited for the specialist medical qualification I have, and I thought the forces would be a good fun and organised working environment. You are right, nobody will stop me leaving and I'm not too bothered. You probably wouldn't be either, unless you have an NHS standard 18week wait for secondary care in my specialty.

    You are possibly one of the many who couldn't walk into a civilian job and so have no option but to keep on trucking as a pension slave.
  10. Without wanting to get into a willy waving contest - I have had several offers of employment in civ st and all of them earning more than I curently earn, so I will ignore that comment! You have a choice which is pretty straight forward. However, surely a drop in HTD wouldn't sway you from making a life changing choice? If you work it out, you will probably still be covered in terms of fuel. You may not cover your car wear and tear (tyres, servicing, etc) but thats the choice you need to make, simples :)
  11. Hmmm... after checking my payslip I have worked out my payrise is a massive £1.30 a month including my cut in HTD. What shall I spend it on? Oh yeah: higher fuel prices.

    And before anyone else says "it's your choice to live out/should be grateful" etc, here's a quote from the allowances JSP:

    HDT (Private). Those who choose to live in private accommodation have more control over where their accommodation is situated. The payment of HDT (Private), however, recognises that they are still required to be mobile and that they save the Department money by living in their own homes (as opposed to living in public accommodation).

    yup - we SAVE the MOD money by not living in quarters.
  12. Guys

    With regards to Gas Boilers and Work Equipment breaking down, then whoever is responsible for the maintenance of your premises then they are legally bound under the “Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 PUWER 1998, to ensure it is maintained in accordance with these regulations the MoD included there is no Crown Immunity for this.

    Key points are the following
    Regulation 5 sets out general requirements for ensuring that work equipment is kept in a suitable condition. It focuses on three terms:
    • an efficient state’;
    • in efficient working order’;
    • in good repair’.

    To fulfil the regulation’s requirements, employers have to show that they comply with all three. Regulation 5 also covers maintenance logs.

    The regulation focuses on:
    • maintaining work equipment in a suitable condition;
    • ensuring that work logs for machinery are kept up to date.

    Regulation 5 states:
    (1) Every employer shall ensure that work equipment is maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair.
    (2) Every employer shall ensure that where any machinery has a maintenance log, the log is kept up to date.

    The two parts of regulation 5 outline the general requirements for keeping work equipment and machinery in a condition which does not pose a risk to employees’ safety. It highlights the employer’s duty to ensure that maintenance logs are kept up to date.
    Ensuring that work equipment is kept in a suitable condition
    Although the three terms ‘an efficient state’, ‘in efficient working order’ and ‘in good repair’ might appear similar, they actually set three requirements. The regulation requires people to take a broad look at the equipment to see that they have an approach in place for maintenance which is comprehensive and minimises risk. It’s not enough to put things right when they fail or break down; a number of things need to be done to minimise the possibility of such incidents occurring in the first place.

    The correct approach to maintenance involves looking at all aspects of the equipment, not just those that might be thought of as the critical parts. The ACOP to regulation 5 suggests how this can be achieved through:
    • routine maintenance;
    • planned preventive maintenance.

    It also suggests the kinds of measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of equipment failure and any risks to employees’ safety that could result.

    Also where you see the word “Shall” in any Health and Safety Legislation then this means it is an Absolute Duty and must be undertaken.

    I love quoting Regulations I quoted Queens Regs once to the QM at the MCTC, the Fecker nearly had a heart attack and I was still a Probationer and had not yet Re-Badged, good career move always good to stick your head above the parapet...


  13. Good to see the old traditions kept alive. :(

    I can still remember getting a pay rise and then realising that I was 2p a day worse off than before due to the changes to Food/Accom and other little tricks.
  14. VG, if you read my previous post you would know that I travel 100 miles a day and am in receipt of HTD allowance. Whining about it here isn't going to change the fact that the allowance has been cut. Of course I would rather be receiving 20% more, however the reality is I have to put up with what I get or move. My choice....... I live with the consequence. Have a nice day :)