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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Mar 17, 2005.

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  1. Anybody remember them, join them, come across them in service ?

    Home Service Force 1982 - 1993 (I think)
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Certainly, we had a Company in 6/7 QUEENS then - and mighty useful they were too. Came with a wealth of experience, and some even brought their own kit - I remember seeing them turn up in their own Pig and Saracen. At the time they werre probably the only armoured vehicles in the entire Brigade :lol:

    A good idea at the time - only to be called out when the Russkies came over the IGB, very good value for money (i.e. dirt cheap).
  3. Not familier with the name, I left in 86 and went on the reservist list but was never asked to join anything other than RAOC Bomb Disposal. Ha, wouldn't let me join them while I was in but wanted me to blow myslef up as a civvie. Saves on the pension i suppose :roll:
  4. Yep I remember them, always played the enemy on exercises. Wings and daggers everywhere. A little bit large round the middle (like me now) don't know why we got rid of them.

    In fact they should be reformed again.
  5. Excellent value - all Home Defence Bns had them, I think. We had two Coys. Standard varied, but very good for a wide range of jobs and enabled some useful chaps to serve who otherwise wouldn't have been able to - cooks, drivers and so on. And they didn't mind spending a drill night or a weekend guarding the TAC.
  6. Ah ha!
  7. We shared a TAC with them. I was a Pte then and so were most of them. But we weren't the same. We were all 19 and green, and they were grizzled and had an air of having seen and done it all. You could tell their hands had dug through acres of Vogelsang and Bergen Hohne, replaced many a track on a 432 and were always to be soldiers no matter that they retired years ago. Many were ex SNCOs and WOs and now Ptes, because they just liked the life. We always had to fight down the 'IA' when they spoke to us, which was to say 'yes, Dad.... :oops: err mate'.
    Gobby 19 year olds aren't impressed by much, but they made a deep impression on us all at the time.
  8. Yes, indeed!
  9. I'd go for it!

    I miss the craic, (why do I spend so much time on Arrse?); I miss the company; I miss the bloody awful food...

    I must be mad! :lol:

    But it's true; if they posted it tomorrow, I'd be hammering on the door wanting to be let in, along with the morning milk.

    I'm not quite as fast as I used to be, not by a long chalk, but , so what?
    I can still maintain myself in the field; my fieldcraft is still as good as it ever was and so is my marksmanship (you could check with the fallow buck I saw this last weekend, 'cept he's in my freezer).

    A bit of polishing on the comms... and maybe I'd need a bit if political re-education... PC, eh? Health and Safety policy? What's that?

    Hmmm; d'you think they'd ever take dinosaurs? :lol: :lol:
  10. We treated them like some regs treat TA. A great idea and spent many drinking sessions with them.

    But .... On numerous weekends they'd refuse to let u in a KP cause you hadn't ID. "Tom u know I'm D Coy cause I bought u a beer last Tuesday and were not enemy. Anyway u know TA doesn't get given ID"

    "Polar yes I know that but you could have changed Coys since then"

    "Hows my ID gonna prove that". We buggered off in the end as they weren't gonna let us in...

    Best one was Ex Eastern Shield in 89, they'd been told the enemy was wearing Red Flashes .... This ex reg of 22 years decked the Bde Comd.....
  11. to keep the mods happy

    I should add the guys I'm mentioned had done 22 years service and came left at the dizzy ranks of Pte
  12. My ex-boss had a fair few dealings with them, we didn't have any here, so he went to meet the Cumbrian chaps.... He always said "both of them" dunno if he was joking or not.

    I think they scared him.
  13. We had a HSF plt when we were 3 Cheshire, some right hard b @st@rds amonst them ,mind you they always had time to" point " us sprogs "in the right Direction " and were stalwarts in the shooting/ Drinking teams
  14. I heard somewhere that there was a section that consisted of seven ex-RSMs and one ex-corporal. They elected him the section commander because he was the most recently qualified.

    As Old Snowy has mentioned, we had a company with 6/7 Queen's. Of those based with A Coy there was one chap still in his twenties. A former TA SAS man who could no longer put the time in. My platoon was guarding a KP with the HSF as part of the enemy/CND etc. Having that chap clear my six-foot perimeter fence in one mighty bound was an eye opener.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    I seem to recall that their age and experience gave our youth and keenness a good run for its money.

    I think that they were a great idea.

    I remember a corporal who was a WO1, but felt that he had enjoyed himself so much as a corporal the first time round that he wanted another go!

    E Company, 2 Wessex.