Home Secretary is heckled by Muslim sect member.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. All recorded live, a muslim protestor going into one at John Reid!!

    The heckler is a member of a banned muslim sect in the UK.
  2. Oh well, let him enjoy the free speech our western democracy allows him. I can't imagine him giving the Ayatolah any gyp during one of his speeches. (not if he didn't want his tongue cut out that is).
  3. The biggest gyp is that all the cameras followed him outside and continued to roadcast his rant with Dr Reid's voice in background
  4. Given that Izzedine is quite notorious and very well known, why was he let into the meeting?
  5. Did anyone see the little copper in the hall, he did fcuk all to get the heckler out.!
  6. The copper was about half the size of the heckler! Interesting to compare this heckler's treatment with that of Walter Wolfgang, the old bloke who was physically ejected from the Labour conference and then arrested for shouting 'rubbish' at Jack Straw.
  7. But then again, the Labour steward was a Brighton football hooligan (convicted)...the copper was probably running through the possible problems of putting his hands on the heckler, and the subsequent meeja opportunities of "police state oppression of Muslims" that this guy was screeching about.
  8. And! I also noticed the Walt copper (PCSO) not doing much either.
  9. Ha ha i just watched the MiniMe Asian looking Police Officer getting jostled around, height restrictions gone, armpit level cops getting brushed around ace! :p
  10. That muslim guy was a f*ckin idiot. Going on about how the Police had arrested Muslims, shame on them, shame on John Reid the 'enemy'. Does he not think that Muslims might get arrested when some Muslims are perpetrating acts of terror in this country? The worst thing though, the Police did absoloutely f*ck all. Just stood there. Ancient_Mariner, your damn right there, what are the Police playing at. The copper in the hall stood next to the heckler couldnt arrest a f*cking gnat! What an abortion.
  11. Ha ha just watched it.

    He looked like Dark Helmet from Spaceballs with that massive custodian helmet.

    I noticed that he was an asian officer, my mate's asian and a police officer in an neighbouring force to mine. They're always wheeling the poor sod out when there's a press oportunity, though he wasn't as tiny (and not as wet) as the one on the news.

    as for the PCSO, if you notice whenever a member of the Home Officer heirachy are on they always wheel the Police Constables Stolen Overtime out too.

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  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Listen to the play back on it just as they are ejecting him I swear he says " when they rape your houses and raid your sisters, you'll be sorry"
  13. Sounds like a public order offence was commited there, Probably a section 4 and therefore arrestable.

    Unfortunately the tiny policeman did'nt seem to want to do anything about it and let the burly bouncers deal with it. I would have been ashamed of myself, but such is the way of the new band of non confrontational police officers.

    The Home Secretary would have been happy though, that's a detected crime and they all look good on the figures.
  14. As I have mentioned to whinging Aussie mates in the past, who were bleating on about "Britain":-

    "if you don't like it - you know where Heathrow is!"

    (always goes down a storm, that one!)
  15. I agree, but that just doesn't rub in todays multicultural society.

    If people want to live in a religous state under religous law, why don't they move?

    Possibly because despite their beliefs they like living here as they hold a lot of power and get a lot of free money.