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I have just about had it with our local schools and teachers.

I have 2 young boys of 8 & 9 and i have tolerated local government incompetence for long enough now, the teachers seem to teach to the lowest common denominator and any children causing disruption or bullying are simply left to get away with it just because its too much trouble for the school to deal with it, despite our vocal and written complaints, they have the "well its bound to happen" attitude and want to wash their hands as quickly as possible of any issues just as long as it means they dont have to actually do anything constructive, no wonder our country is turning into a chav haven.

I have decided that rather than wait any longer for my children to be dragged down with all the others i am going to withdraw them from mainstream so called "education" and teach them at home, so that i know exactly what they are learning and if they have any weak points they can be resolved as soon as it becomes obvious.

We can start and finish the day when we want to and if we decide that a museum visit would be beneficial to bring home the point of a subject we can arrange it on a day that suits us, we live near the South Downs and the sea so physical training wont be an issue.

They both belong to things such as the cubs etc so their social side of things wont be affected and their friends are always welcome to drop round when they want a visit.

I was wondering if anyone else in here was already doing the same thing and if they had any pointers that i might find handy as i'm starting out rather then finding out the hard way ?

we live near the South Downs and the sea so physical training wont be an issue.

:D Have you "issued" them their bergens and silver shadows yet?

Well, if you can afford to and are in a position to do it, it doesn't sound like a bad idea at all. I was just wondering, have you thought about the plan for when they reach secondary school age? Kids do a lot of their growing up in those years and could potentially miss out on a lot of life experience.


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Lol, a good sound beasting wont do them any harm mate ..

Luckily they both have quite an extensive social group outside of school (cubs, clubs etc) so that should'nt be much of an issue, and to be honest if you saw the "hoodie" wearing yobs who go to the local secondary school and their behaviour in the street you can take it from me that they were never going to be associating with that type anyway, i'm not going to sit back and let that class of society drag down my kids along with all the other sheep.

It's taken a while to come to this decision and i think my boys deserve the best chance of an education, not a second best version served by the current system.
You could try relocating? I know it's not that easy but the sacrifice may be worth it.

In addition to home schooling a professional tutor a few hours a week could be a good investment.

I agree that most schools only educate up to a certain common level, which unfortunately isn't very high. Those who need more of a challenge are left to look elsewhere for it, or their potential just goes down the drain.


Try the Education Otherwise site for information and finding other parents in your area who are home schooling. My sister's kids (14 & 12 yrs old) have never been to school and her local group of home schoolers (Swindon)get together regularly for support and for the kids to do some activities as a group. My sister regularly gives advice to parents who are in your situation - local authorities/schools do not like parents taking their children out of school and some seem to think that it is against the law or that the LEA has a right to conduct tests or exams!



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Thanks for the replies and links all, we are planning on getting a tutor to come in once a week for things such as languages and music and arrange for some way to keep up to speed with the curriculum although obviously we are not obliged to follow it, just use to it as a template, at least to start with.

There are a lot of good sites online which have been useful, but we expect it to take a little while before we get a good balanced system up and running at home.

I think that in the end we are ultimately responsible for our childrens education and we have given the state education system several years to show what they have to offer and its just not good enough, i know i was let down by my schooling (i probably learnt a darn site more once i joined the Army in all honesty) and i dont want my children to have their future choices limited by complacent teachers and schools.

Thanks again for the interest.
I was home schooled from age 5 to 7. Have recently passed my RCB aged 18, take from that what you will! All seems a very long time ago now, but feel free to PM if you have any questions.

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