Home Protection - US Style

My buddy had one too. It was an inert stinger launcher presented to the Governor of PA. His father was a state police officer assigned to the governors office. I think it was Milton Shaps office.

Anyway, had a plaque on it and all that. Other than that it was pretty much the real thing.
Were does it say it was for home protection? Found it in a shed. I thought id heard them all, the coal bunker used to be the favourite,(s,pose they dont need coal bunkers) no idea how that got there, someone must have put it there.
Not a bad lad handing it in , im sure theres a few fanatics would have giving him more than the price of some designer footwear.
Well, I remember when some Skinheads got busted with some AKs and RPG-7s in my town. That was quite a surprise.

SAM missles though... I'd be curious to know how I could get one... black helicopters have been flying overhead alot lately :crazy:

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