Home Office worker marries daughter in immigration scam

Now if you want a prime example of a Daily Wail outrage story really could not do much better than this:

"A Nigerian Home Office worker 'married' his own daughter to get her a British visa, the Daily Mail can reveal.

The extraordinary scam was apparently executed by Jelili Adesanya while ministers turned a blind eye.

Mr Adesanya, 54, has lived here for more than 30 years and holds a British passport, but wanted his daughter, her husband and their four sons to join him from Nigeria"

"But despite being tipped off two years ago, the Home Office seems to have done nothing to stop the scam by one of their own workers.

Until recently, Mr Adesanya was employed as an occupational health nurse for the Home Office, working with immigration officials at Gatwick airport.
A whistleblower sent letters to the High Commission in Lagos and the UK Border Agency including specific details such as names, addresses, passport numbers and even a copy of the wedding photograph.

When there was no response, he sent emails to then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and ministers Vernon Coaker and Phil Woolas on February 1 this year. He heard nothing."

That's six more Labour voters. No bad publicity for the Govt if things are kept quiet and incest may be a way of life for them. I don't know that but if it is to exclude them from Britain would be against their human rights, health and safty and in breach of the Data Protection Act.
I love the Nigerians: such consumate scam artists.

There is a saying in much of Africa: If you could buy Nigerians for what they are worth, and sell them for what they think they are worth, then you would be a very rich man.
Kick them out back from where THEY ALL came from :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Apparently the Immigration Authorities have been 'aware' of this for a while... But they are 'Doing nothing' apparently as it probably 'Might upset somebody...!'

Truly beggars belief that this is happening, and is allowed to happen. The Topsy Turvy world of New Labor. What else will be revealed once they have been kicked out of office??
Story carried in last night's Evening Standard - London's Pravda and NOT related to the Daily Mail.

It would never be believed if it was written in a novel - only in this corrupted and broken country.

Sack; Deportation; Incest related charges? Of course not - not in 'diverse' Britain.

As a country we are 'cream-crackered' and as a society we are 'cattle-trucked'! Thanks Bliar you shifty self-serving grinning spiv!
As long as the 'marriage' has been consumated I have no problems, providing the film is put on facebook.
Don't you mean you tube?

She doctored her age by ten years on the application forms to further hide the fact she was the daughter.... the plan being to devorce her dad,and then re-marry her husband.

She needs sending back as a bogus asylum seeker (doubtful this would happen though) and he should be sacked and deported.
Disgusting. :x

I myself am of colour, but I think for integrity reasons they should consider making all immigration jobs white only! 8O

No seriously, at least make the jobs open to British Born citizens. :roll:
Fook me, when will anyone sort this shitehole of a country out? are we, the natives to be bred out of our own country by the left wing wnackers and their idiology of multiculteralism?

How long until some fooker with actual power realises that we as English people will no longer exist with all this sort of shite?

Marrying your own child to get her into the country? what next? giving birth to your own brother as the next PM?

Welcome to England, the natives have gone, so feel free to do wtf you want..... we did have laws and rules, but the gobmint fooked them off years ago.

You left wing wnackers do realise, that in years to come, England will be talked about like robin hood, just a story told to kids about times gone by!
ringdoby said:
cpl_anwar said:
Disgusting. :x

I myself am of colour, but I think for integrity reasons they should consider making all immigration jobs white only! 8O

No seriously, at least make the jobs open to British Born citizens. :roll:
Same here, I am of a blueish tint, turning milk bottle white as the summer progresses.
You're a Smurf?

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