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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, Jan 14, 2007.

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    I can see why they felt to suspend him for divulging confidential information (so the story says) but boy, added to the crap we see about the lack of HO procedure and commonsense, for someone to feel so pressured to go to the media, I can only imagine what more they know about its failings. Dr Reid, I hear a guillotine sharping. I guess the information this official had released was regarding the number of convicted people who are now known have been working with children/vunerable adults or involved in further crime.
  2. Its only a matter of time bffore one of these people re-offends in the worst possible manner so fair play to the person who leaked this if thats what happened
  3. News 24 are referring to him as a 'senior official'

    I hope he goes to prison for a very very long time
  4. Not a chance....they won't want that can of worms upended in a courtroom!
  5. Sven - he/she has been suspended after volunteering info that warrants an investigation.

    Let us hear the facts before saying anything else, or is that the way you do things in the LibDems.
  6. 'which warrants disciplinary investigation' is a catch all phrase which actually means virtually nothing. The facts remain as before: ACPO wrote to McNulty who passed the letter on to his junior who acknowledeged receipt. Nothing happened to deal with the reported problem. So, was the 'official' instructed to deal with the problem - if so in what way?

    There's a whole raft of other factors here, but of course Reid will not provide comment whilst the 'internal investigation' proceeds. Is it too cynical to think that this is a means of burying the whole farce? Time and again this Government has launched Inquiries in order to cover up, even to dictating the terms of such Inquiries in order to severely limit their scope.

    You can bet that they'll want to do their own investigating, rather than allow any outsider to stick his/her nose in.