Home Office to split in two


Good to see that Labour continuing their tradition of announcing to the Press before the Parliament. :roll:

Home Office to split in two. New offices to be Security and Justice

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War Hero
That will mean another Cabinet Minister, another official car and a driver, at this rate every one will have a cabinet post
Well since the Dear leaders steady hand is on the tiller why on earth would he need too bother parliment before casting more proclamation we should just be in awe of his magnifence.

I really do need a smack round head with some trench monkey dont i!
Ironically, after 10 years of these fools we have neither.

Apologies, that should have been a 't' not an 'f'.
W.Anchor said:
That will mean another Cabinet Minister, another official car and a driver
Don't forget an entirely new diversity department. An equal opportunities officer. A whole brace of transgender outreach champions, meeting facilitators, coaching consultants, nuclear free zone officers, staff five-a-day fruit and veg coordinators, green living enablers etc, etc, etc.

I believe the Guardian has already ordered in extra stocks of news print in anticipation of a bumper crop of public sector job ads.

Unfortunately, the new departments will be managed by the same useless wastes of desk space as the old department.

At least the two departments will be able to blame each other for the increasing torrent of catastrophes that are engulfing the Home Office.
My god, we really are going down the route of the septics, aren't we.

Lets have a department for this, and a department for that, oh and while we are at it, lets have one to oversee the other two.

End result being that right and left hands don't communicate, and things end up getting missed or ignored.

If the departments within the Home office can't communicate effectively whilst they are all part of the same system, how is it going to get any better by splitting them and adding another layer of bureaucracy?
I'm waiting for them to establish a Ministry of Truth to handle all their press/media relations.

Latest: - Ministry of Defence to become Ministry of Peace....
Dam you Ex_Stab, stealing my jokes.

Off to room 102 with you. Its like room 101, but worse.
The Ministry of Security sounds like something from George Orwells 1984 and the Ministry of Justice very European!!
All it is to me is an admission of failure by "tough guy" John Reid.I take it now he will resign as he's admitted he can't control the department by splitting it up.
I won't hold my breath though!!

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