Home Office staff to strike

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by usmarox, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. It doesn't mean they gave the union the finger, many ballots have a low turn out.
  2. You may find out that some of the staff didn't have valid passports and VISA's so didn't want to attend..
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  3. What's missing from the Beeb report is the figure they put up yesterday, which said that 16000 were balloted. So doing the percentages, that means about 1800 PCS types are going to cause merry chaos while half the world descends on the UK and half of us try to escape.

    Having said all that about 1800 causing chaos, I suppose there's only 650 MPs.........
  4. would anyone notice the difference ?
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  5. I would rather that they didn't make the country look like it's mostly populated by self-interested jerks...oh, wait a minute.

    PS I don't see that this will convince anybody of their case.
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  6. Beaten to it. I reckon some of these drones take a real risk when they strike - namely that the world doesn't grind to a halt.
  7. Well that's the next round of redundancy list sorted then.
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  8. What's wrong with you lot? They can withdraw labour, perhaps if people's terms and conditions weren't changed they wouldn't take action.
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  9. Come on leave the RAF Olympic Contingent out of this.
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  10. Your point is?
  11. Was.
  12. Good union reply.
  13. No money? How do you draw that conclusion, seems to be plenty to chuck around. Don't be fooled there is money, they'll print lots of it.
  14. OK who's off scrumping???
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