Home Office loses Chindamo extradition appeal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, Sep 14, 2007.

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  2. No surprise there then.
  3. ..."Foreign nationals who commit serious crimes should be automatically deported," he said.[/quote]

    Rest of Article[/quote]

    At the very least!!! :evil:
  4. well, that just about says it all.

    the government cant deport FOREIGN criminals......

    maybe, just maybe.......

    someone, will do him in.

    B@stard. :x
  5. Looks like the Minority rules the Majority in this p#ss take of a c untry
  6. As someone said; no surprize there then.

    The European Soviet Union courts say that if a bit of European Soviet Union filth commits murder in GB, then GB must feed, clothe and house the filth thereafter.

    Let us get out of Europe faster even than our fathers and grandfathers had to go in to save the festering rat-hole of a lump of land from itself!

    Rabid maybe; ranting possibly; right - absolutely!!!
  7. He arrived here as a kid. He has barely ever lived in Italy. He was 'educated' here. Whose fault is he? Ours or the Italians? If he was born a Brit but went to Rome as a kid, grew up there, spoke Italian, murdered someone and went to prison - would you think it was right for the Italians to blame us and send him to the UK?

    Don't just accept what this lying government and the Daily Mail tell you. Think about it for a minute. Is there a problem with inadequate sentencing for murder? Is parole appropriate? These are valid questions. Deportation is a smokescreen to stop you asking them...

  8. Annoyingly I have to agree with your points :evil:

    If we 'programmed' him, then we have to deal with the errors committed (sp?). Although I truly believe he should not have been released and should have served his full term.