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'Home Office 'hid failure to hit targets'


MPs criticised the Home Office yesterday for not telling the truth about its failure to meet some of its key performance targets.

The Commons home affairs select committee also said some of the original targets were replaced with ones that were relatively meaningless.

The comments were in a report on public service agreements, the target system introduced by Labour.

The MPs accused the Home Office of concealing the fact that it was failing to meet its "offences brought to justice" target in its 2004 report.

The target is 1.2 million offences brought to justice by 2006. The report said the Home Office was "on course" to meet it, though figures in the same document showed that it was likely to fail.
From what I saw on the teletext this morning it appears that most of the fuss is because they changed the target because they weren't going to meet it and 'forgot' to let anyone know!

Great idea - impose an unrealistic target (that gives a good spin at the time) then change it when no one is looking because you know you can't do it. Don't you just love politicians and senior civil servants!
As George Orwell once said, "He who controls the past, controls the future"

Labour, don't you just love em :roll:

They lie and now it seems cheat their way to power whether it be genreal or local elections :evil:


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