Home Office covered up immigration risk

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Nov 7, 2009.

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  1. “This is shaping up to become one of the major political scandals of recent times. Ministers quite clearly broke the law and deliberately misled the public to cover up a policy which most reasonable people would say was utterly irresponsible.”

    It just gets worse and worse.

    "Labour's “open door” immigration policy knowingly risked allowing dangerous people to settle in Britain unchecked, according to documents seen by The Sunday Times.

    The Whitehall correspondence, which was illegally withheld by the Home Office for four years, shows how ministers were told by the country’s most senior immigration official that his staff were to be “encouraged to take risks” when granting visas, work permits and extended residency to hundreds of thousands of new migrants.

    The cover-up of this policy of risk-taking was so concerted that Richard Thomas, the then information commissioner, sent a team of investigators into the Home Office to trawl all the relevant papers. Earlier this year he rebuked the department for breaking the law and ordered it to release the material under the freedom of information (FoI) law. "

  2. The Home Office telling lies, nothing new there then
  3. The only thing surprising about any of this would be if anybody had sufficient spine to try and reverse the mistakes.
    You can bet your last penny that we are going to be stuck with hundreds of thousands of people we don't want. In the meantime we will be instructed to be happy about it as multi-culturism is good for us.
  4. Britain is doomed.
  5. So what's new then? Simply more off the same from this bunch of bars******s
  6. The most dreadful aspect of this, and other recent atrocities committed by the New Labour Project upon the British public, is that people will meekly accept it as a common and almost unremarkable occurrence in our national way of life.

    It is not. It is crime. I want to see people who have misrepresented themselves to me and lied about their promises placed in prison, along with the other common criminals who have done no more nor less. I want to see the thieves who milked the system I pay for in the next-door cells and I would be very happy to see the malignant fools who killed many hundreds of the county's servicemen and women die in gaol.

  7. But what can anybody do?
    I imagine the majority of people in here have to work during the week.
    Got to pay 'The Mortgage' doncherno.
    The last time anybody seriously stood up to the government, ie The Miners, their communities were devastated when their pits were closed down.
    The only people who could really organise a decent sized protest are the unions.
    Apart from The Royal Mail, the only people in a decent sized union are (in my experience) public sector workers.
    For them to go on strike, would be like a turkey voting for Christmas.
  9. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    New Labour are communist scum and their policies are designed to ruin Britain.In this aim,they are suceeding.

    Open door immigration,soft on crime are but two of the policies designed to ruin Britain.
  10. How does this work. When someone posts an 'immigration' post on here, does a swastika shaped Batman type light appear over your bedroom?
  11. No,not for me,I tend to see a lady with scales in one hand and a sword in t'other,it's called, when you break the law accidintily or on purpose you pay for your sins.Misleading,or misrepresenting can be classed as fraud,so in my humble view this Gobment have done so,therefore they should have to answer for their sins.