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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Filbert Fox, May 2, 2006.

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  1. Keogh Barracks

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  2. RMAS

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  3. Litchfield

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  4. Shaibah Log Base

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  5. who cares? ethos? whats that?

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  1. A lot was said about ethos and the 'spiritual home' of the RAMC, hinting towards Camerley but how can somewhere where that 90% of the Corps have never been to and somewhere that we are a lodger unit in be our Corps home? Surely if its anywhere then its Keogh Barracks, we all end up there one way or another, be it during basic training (old boys) or during career courses and the J/S/WOMQCs.

    any thoughts?
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I can vote for none of the above as none are our Spritual home. We discussed it in an intoxicated state at the P&P and the closes we got was Keogh Barracks. But that has become sullied and part of a bigger beast that doesnt include the likes of us!
  3. true, Keogh has gone too far down the Tri-Service path, almost totally eradicating any trace that the Army was ever there on its own.
  4. If there's a "home" of the RAMC in the sense you're suggesting, I'd say it was the site of the old Church Crookham Barracks: first true Depot for the Corps. Keogh only comes a close second. And even though it may have been "sullied" (your word, not mine) by its new purple culture, we cannot expect even that association to last forever as DMSTC prepares to move north by hook or by crook.

    The spiritual home of the RAMC - and all the AMS - will be at the sides of the patients we treat and the soldiers we serve. Whether that's in a cushy MDHU, SLB or under fire in a muddy Falklands ditch is neither here nor there. Having an ethos isn't about knowing where the Mess silver is stored: it's about preserving and maintaining a history of service and self-sacrifice in the face of the enemy.

  5. Whats the score with a bloody great big plane by the main gate? Its very RAF, but not very medical.
  6. the pilot heard that there was a bus load of nurses from Rinteln about to arrive for the Friday night bop, landed, couldnt take off again so he left it there!
  7. Gate guard. As a tri-Service establishment, they're entitled to one - just like the anchor on the other side of the road. I know at least one former Adjutant used to take great pleasure in finding inventive ways to vandalize the plane, even managing to get a cuddly Garfield stuck to the inside of the cockpit on one occasion.

  8. 'Home' needs to be somewhere that youve been, which definately isnt RMAS for the majority of the RAMC! Home also isnt our places of work or countries that weve deployed to otherwise the Corps 'home' would be different for every single member, past and present, of the RAMC. Wheres the Corps ethos if none of us have the same Corps Home?
  9. Money left in the Budget, so instead of sorting out Sandhurst Block they buy the plane!
  10. I'd have to say Keogh. Lichfield doesnt have a look in. The town is the "Spiritual home of the Staffords and the RAMC had a "Part share" of a company so not a large enough presence to call it home. Besides phase one is now ATR Winchester.

    granted Keogh is now more of a home to the RAF and Navy, but spiritualy for the Majority of the RAMC of today it is home.

    Two or Three years time it may be something completely different. But before we gob off about being hard done bye, where would the QARANC call home?

    RADC - No fixed abode.

    The only corner of the AMS that retains a home has to be the RAVC!
  11. And here's me thinking it was Emma's most nights of the week :wink:
  12. Lets be totally honest about this, currently we are homeless and I will be the first to admit that it is not a pleasant feeling. As has already been stated Keogh is too purple, Lichfield as yet doesnt have enough AMS representation at it. RMAS is not frequantly visited by Junior ranks and only visited by SNCO's for P+P and by WO's for the annual conference.

    So as I previously stated we are homeless.

    You could argue that Strensall is fast bcoming the home of the RAMC as a vast majority now complete their pre-deployment training there and it is definately considered as the AMS TA home.

    Super Garrisons may not improve matters any as this may actually in the future move 22 and 4 out of Aldershot and if the DMSTC moves to Lichfield then the Keogh, Camberly option is out of the window also ?

    Its a cunundrum

    It will soon be a paul young answer "wherever you lay your hat"
  13. I would like to think Keogh due to the history, plus the museum's there, but if the tri-service environment rules that out then it's probably going to be AMSTC/QEB at Towthorpe Lines/Strensall respectively, as that's where most of the AMS, Regs and TA alike seem to pass through at some stage.
  14. Having spent time at Keogh and Strenny, I'd have to vote for Keogh. As said before, at least it has the museum. :wink:

    The overwhelming feeling I get at Strensall is mostly TA recruit training/weekend courses at the Merlin Centre. You even have to march across the field to get to somewhere resembling a medical establishment. This is then filled with a thousand officers and four privates. :roll:
  15. Unfortunatly, it has to be said that most people's first response to this would be Keogh, although it will now be classed as the home to anyone remotly envolved in the medical world.

    The future is bright....the future is purple

    PS, Bird how was the exercise?