Home of the Corps

And on a sad note. Gosport!!!

Why?? VT have a lot to answer for...

Arborfield Depot RIP

No more Brams, No more Queens, just Matlows.. :-[
Stayed in the Corps Mess lately? asylum seekers wouldn't touch it with a barge pole!!
Why waste all that money on the Reme museum that only gets visited by 3 members of the Reme Association every year ???
The last time i stayed in the corps mess, it leaked from the bogs into the dinning area. A dump.

The corps mess should be the one in Bordon. Always packed, very ritch, and you always bump into some one you knew.. That's the best mess. You also get a blinding Kebab from the van in the church yard...
Soon to be bygon days...
Bordon`s mess is full of RS chompers trying to pass the "Filling in the ration roll" course and avoiding doing any work.

Arborfield should be the Corp Mess and the Corp should spend money on it to make it acceptable.
Bordon`s mess is full of RS chompers trying to pass the "Filling in the ration roll" course and avoiding doing any work.

Arborfield should be the Corps Mess and the Corps should spend money on it to make it acceptable.
The Corps won't spend money on Arborfield, it's far to run down. Yes the RS are choppers, but there is still over 3/4 of the mess who are NOT RS and the real estate is top notch when compaired to Arborfield. Anyway, when the corps move to Gosport, Arborfield will be a Tesco's or something. At least Bordon will retain Driver training and Heavy A. So if the Corps have any spare coffers  ;) stick it in the "REAL CORPS MESS".  An another thing, why do all REME trades (Other than techs  ??? ) have thier re-union dinners at Bordon? It`s treated like the corps mess by the corps thats why.

Plus like I said before, top Kebab from the Church yard van!!
Good point re the kebab waggon. Had a few during my SMC.

I favoured Arborfield mainly because most of the corp`s members have been there at some point, I have nothing against Bordon, hell I even failed PAAB there ;D.
SEME mess is best, Arborfield is circa 1800, the bogs must always leak, on 3 courses I've attended there they stank.
SEME also has a great Rugby Club bar :D
Talking of reunions, anyone heard when the Weapons one is this year

Tiffy weapons were on Band 7 cos there wasn't a Band 8
;D and they can spell corps
I thought it was you!!  :D

It's that bloody Skip Licker Spul Chicker u got me from Cosovo. 20DM for Ofis Tofousand..
Still maybe an ex-metalbender can point out the error of my ways...

Hi mate, long time no see..

Yes it`s on the 13/14 of April...
I hope we don`t have to share a room again....

I take it your gonna be there again...


108 Be the BEST!
Sadly I may not make it - gotta go to BATUS for a few weeks :-/

What's wrong with sharing a room - It's legal now ;D

And I'm house trained! - nearly

P.S. Been to alt.military.uk lately?
Not since I discovered ARRSE.

The only thing missing here is a shed loas of yanks to abuse ;D ;D ;D
Well it was mentioned on a BEME's conf, so it's no secret. Not sure about av trg. I know Drv Trg and Heavy A is staying at Bordon, cos of the training area, other than that though, no ideas. But yes its true. Gosport.
Last week I was on a very interesting study day, DEME(A) sent his chaps out to give us all a heads up on REME in the future.  One of the points raised was the move to Gosport.  A Colonel (don't know what his day job was exactly) said that the move is far from final - even if it does happen, it won't be 'til 2008/9 at the earliest.  The plans are pretty well advanced, but theres lots to do yet.  Current thoughts though:

Aircraft folks may go to Cosford, new Tri-Service facility.
Recy mechs will go far far away (Hopefully) ;D.
Techs don't matter so I didn't listen.
Black Hands will go to Gosport - partly Tri-Service partly Army only. Gosport would also be Home of the Corps - including a new museum!!!!

The funniest bit was when they said more tradesmen should be at 2nd Line, to work more efficiently.  (The fact that about 15 VM Cfn from 3 Bn were jiffed as marshalls/guides for the day obviously escaped them as ironic) :-/
Having lived in the corp mess for the last year... i am happy to report that the toilets still leak into the dining room, the shower tiles are still coming off the wall, while the other ones roof has finally collapsed.
One of the coridors still has no elecricity, but at least we spent several thousand quid on the sign outside the mess, telling us that it was the corp mess !!!

Well thats RS mentality for you... ::)..

Thank god for julies cooking.... the only saving grace !!
Having just completed a 3 month operational tour of the Corps Sgts Mess, how about introducing a new medal ,to be awarded on completion of relavent courses. Then at least tiffy students will then have another gong to accompany Queenie's golden one. Also having seen the amount of rats (furry ones) around the mess outside areas make sure your jabs are up to date before booking-in

are the rats moving to Gosport as well?[flash=200,200]
rumour in the civvy world has it that a lot of bordon is being reburbished due to the fact that it's not moving now.  Any truth in these so i can tell all my civvies mates that the men in green are staying??????
A cynic would say it is being refurbished because it's moving. Then again, thats whats happened in Detmold, Dortmund etc...
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