Home made speakers in weird things?`

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by instinct, Apr 21, 2011.

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  1. My rather smart flatmate got bored and started making home made speakers for ipods and stuff. At the minute its soup and coke cans (we dont have much money to spend on this) but what next? We had the idea for the distant future of speaker sets made out of 4.5" and 105mm cart cases. Ipod docs out of 30mm cart cases. But thats the future.

    Right now we are looking at manufacturing a small set that plugs into your Ipod and is powered by a 9v battery. But what to put it in? Soup and coke cans ain't exactly "sturdy" so what could we use? Buying a box out of Maplins is the easy fix but what would look cool and be easy to get and work on while being able to survive in a kitbag?
  2. A mate of mine stuck some speakers inside a set of old ear defenders - not for wearing as the headband was twisted. looked odd but worked quite well.
  3. Considered an apple?
  4. Thats actualy realy clever. Next time on range "Chief I broke these, oh and as they are no longer needed?"

    Nahhhh goes soft after a week or so!
  5. Trip flare tube too large?
    Would building them into these be too confusing? Linky
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  6. The nights must fly by in your flat. How about making a window a speaker....like these Linky thingy

    Or maybe you turn some boots into speakers.
  7. The old salt-glaze drain pipes that are used for sewage waste are good: New or second hand, the choice is yours
  8. Bedpans, Lego, Meccano?
  9. Save yourself the trouble, I have one of these;


    It's excellent, best speaker is a bit of corrugated cardboard (pizza box, Amazon book delivery box etc) but windows, wooden surfaces all work.

    To aid you I have just tried it on a 76mm case. It's crap.
    I suspect 105mm will be worse, they wont vibrate much, see?
  10. Don't bother putting the fancy expensive flat foil ones in paintings, someone's already done that and they're the dogs 'nads on my walls, but you could try them in small framed desktop photo's.