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Home made Pork Scratchings.

As a lad growing up in Brum,I remember my local butcher used to do little paper bags full of these freshly made porky delights.

Now the closest I can get is a bag of Mr.Porky from the shop,I like having a nibble with my pint,dry roasted with lager & scratchings with a pint of English ale.

So after some googling,I came across Fergus Henderson's recipy for these porky treats..

Pork Scratchings, By Fergus Henderson & Justin Piers Gellatly from Beyond Nose to Tail

Pig’s skin (ask your butcher for some fat attached)
Sea salt Duck fat (enough to cover the skin)


Spread a layer of sea salt on a plastic tray, or anything that won’t react with the salt.
Lay the skin on top & sprinkle liberally with sea salt.
Leave in the fridge for 5 days.
When its time is up, remove the skin from the fridge & soak overnight in cold water.
Thoroughly dry with a clean tea towel & lay it on an oven tray.
Cover with duck fat, then cover the tray with foil. Cook in a medium oven for 2½ hrs. As with all things cooking, keep an eye on it.
Take it out of the oven & allow to cool, smearing it with the solidifying duck fat.
At this point you can keep it in the fridge until your next drinks party, or a frail moment when you are in need of such nourishment.
When such a moment arrives, place a rack on an oven tray, then lay your skin on top. Again put into a medium oven, in which it should slightly puff up into a sheet of golden, crispy joy (be careful not to brown it, as this is bitter & sad).
Now remove from the oven & allow to cool. Place the crispy skin on a board & chop it with a heavy knife. It should break up into pieces. Serve.
A word of warning, though: with fragile dental arrangements, eat with caution.

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