Home Invasion - Excellent Result

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Birdie_Numnums, Nov 3, 2005.

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  1. The Melbourne Age newspaper today:

    If the home owner in this case isn't congratulated and given the key to the city then there will be up-roar.
  2. I can see the liberal brigade now ... the poor lickle burgler wasn't given a chance in life .. the mean house owner should be shot/hung/gassed for being so voilent to him ......

    Oh I was wrong that would be this country :p
  3. No, there will be a small group of patsy, left wing, pinko, tree hugging ferals who no doubt will be up in arms at the treatment of this hard done by chav. Actually our man might be in a spot of bother, not for killing the first one on his property but for chasing the second one down the street and delivering some good news with the same sword. Legally once you are off your property the self defense thing deminishes. We shall see.
  4. fcuk me, who wrote that article....a sixth-sense journo on attachment to Aus???? my 3 yr-old could do better!
  5. Much easier to handle the offenders with my 12 ga. Mossberg... ;)

    I listened to the G. Gordon Liddy show on the radio some years ago, he once said, "If you ever have to shoot someone in self defense, make sure you kill him, that way the police only hear one story..." :)