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I'm just about to renew my home insurance and apart form the company I have used for years putting up the premium by 30% they now only allow the house to be vacant for 30 days.
Anyone know of an insurance company that does longer periods?
We have some one who comes in every couple of days and have IP cameras that send me an email alert to my phone and computer on the property plus dummy alarm (not a real one as they never seem to deter and go off when the power goes down).

Also good and bad stories about insurance providers might help make the decision easier.
30 days is quite generous.

I use LV and recently got the premium dropped by nearly 50%.

Really like LV as was Frizzell. I did More Than for a while but they really irriatated us and were quick to raise premiums for no justifiable reason.

With some insurance companies it's not what you've got in the way of prevention but what they want - 5 lever mortice locks, all windows locked when not in (windows to have at least 3 locking bars for example). If it came to a disputed claim you might be able to pull it off withteh additional stuff you're doing but you'd have a lot of hassle along the way.

Most alarm systems have a back up power supply in case of failure and have done for over 20 years.

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