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Home Information Packs

Having recently shelled out three hundred pounds, I finally received my wonderful new Home Information Pack yesterday. Without a trace of irony, it tells me that my house is quite energy efficient, but if I were to upgrade the cavity wall insulation, install three solar panels on the roof (which, funnily enough, they could supply), and replace all light bulbs with energy efficient ones, I could possibly save the princely sum of just under £150 per year. Oh, I almost forgot, they also threw in a couple of photocopied diagrams of local drains.

Cost of advice: £300
Cavity wall insulation: guessing at round about £1000
Solar panels: £1500 each plus planning permission = £4500
New light bulbs: Say, £100 - £150

Total: Roughly £6000
Time required to recoup outlay @ £150 per year: 40 years

Brilliant, thanks for that, guys.

Shite idea from a shite gobmint that helps no fecker and makes selling yer gaf more expensive, just at a time when house market is slowing down.

You couldnt make up the carp this bunch of clowns have inflicted on the people of this once great nation.


Book Reviewer
No direct experience since they're only required in England and Wales.

Looking in from the enlightened north, I really can't see the point of them: Any defects that would likely put you off would be identified in the survey and I know precisely zero people who have pulled out of buying a house because it wasn't 'energy efficient'
iamaviking said:
its so that in the future you can be taxed on how energy efficient your house is. Newlabour newtaxes .
So if you improve the energy efficiency of your house, you will need to pay another HIPs inspector to knock up another report?

What a great idea.
Dog-faced-soldier said:
Shite idea from a shite gobmint that helps no fecker and makes selling yer gaf more expensive, just at a time when house market is slowing down.
The HIP as it is now is driven by a EU requirement to assess the energy efficiency of the entire housing stock. It wasn't the shite idea of this government but I'll certainly agree it is a shite idea.

The original idea with a full survey, all the searches, the energy report and the disclosure document might have been useful but the current abortion is just pants.

Never, never ask a politician to make anything quicker or simpler!
Has anyone heard of any plans from the new mob in No. 10 about cancelling HIP's? Serious question as I'm about to put mine on the market due to posting. I know I can claim it back as part of the RLE via JPA, but this would let me spend £250 on something else that can be claimed!

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