Home Information packs gone

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pacestick, May 20, 2010.

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  1. HIPS

    Would love to get my money back for the complete waste of space document that is the HIPS.. :evil:
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I coughed for one a matter of weeks ago.....
  3. I've just done one too - fortunately I'll be claiming it back!
  4. Well the RICS told the government at the time, that HIPS were a wasted effort. But what would the RICS know about buildings anyway, so the government ploughed on.
  5. Still need to get an Energy Performance Certificate before you market the property but at least all the hopeless HIPS stuff has gone.
  6. the energy performance certificate is a joke

    Cavity walls yes/no
    roof insulation yes/no
    Number of Windows - are they double glazed
    Light Bulbs WTF!!! Fu(KING LIGHT BULBS - hold on a min let me stick a few sh1tty energy efficient ones in so i get top marks, and then change all the light fittings when your gone....

    ramble, groan, moan.......
  7. Excellent move....complete piece of New Labour boll#x - "if it exists legislate about it".

    Association of Home Information Pack Providers are "disapponited" - shame, get a proper productive job

  8. Wonder if Labollox will compensate those who forked out to be HIPS certifyers? - 'a new career opportunity' :roll:

    If they want new legislation, borrow a couple of examples from the Belgies. #1. Once sale agreed - the handshake - sale final, no gazumping or gazundering. #2 Criminal offence to issue a cheque your account can't meet :omg:

  9. Like Scotland apart from the cheque bit
  10. A bloke who used to be a sales rep for a company I dealt with, married a girl from his sales office, and they went off to run their own company doing HIP packs.

    I did a job at their house a couple of years ago. Nice gaff, next to a stream with it's own water wheel thingy in the countryside. I thought at the time that their line of work was money for old rope.
    Especially as he was being a bit smug about it at the time.

    Oh well, they're shit of luck now, aren't they? :twisted:
  11. johnboyzzz - "Like Scotland apart from the cheque bit"

    Yeah but in Scotland if someone gives you a cheque you tie them up while you run round to their bank to present it :roll: :D

    Can't see the point myself as they are usually overprinted 'Not valid for amounts over 50p' :omg: like my wife's cheque book.

  12. Yep - another shite labour idea shit-canned in short order...

    Dunno about you chaps but i'm liking this Con-Lib coalition so far... they might actually do what they say, and do stuff for the benefit of the people... it shouldn't feel odd saying that but it does. They've got a long way to go to restore my faith in politics but they seem to be on a decent track.
  13. What's a cheque :? Giro is much better :p

    The whole house selling system needs overhauled in England and Wales
  14. Stand by for the normal Party apologists to appear, bleating about the poor workers who have lost their jobs because of this nasty Tory change.
  15. I am hoping that the CSCS scheme is next.....I have a Diploma in Construction safety.....but you can't get a job without CSCS.......its like being a Doctor, but not being able to get a job because you havent got a first aid certificate....Liarbour fools!!