Home guard in Australias outback

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Random_Task, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. Whoopee doo!!! :roll:
  2. Thats a pretty old news story! They are a good bunch and it adds some much needed employment for the local people, and its better than them getting abused when they go to the cities. Any one who has seen Redfern Sydney will know what i mean.
  3. Found the link when clearing out the inbox.

    Makes sense to have people on the ground who know the ground. I've heard, but not sure if it is true that aboriginals can judge distance through song?
  4. Typical British Journos , NORFORCE REGT is only one of THREE units with the same role covering the Northern Australia Coastline. (PILBARA REGT- NORTH WESTERN AUSTRALIA,NORFORCE REGT-NORTHERN TERRITORY AND 51FNQ REGT- QUEENSLAND They are the equivalent of 21 and 23 SAS regiments in the UK ORBAT
  5. I enjoyed it even thought it was old and misinformed. Hell, my kids think I'm old and misinformed.