Home for christmas????

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by priest, Jun 15, 2008.

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  1. I've put my application in about a week ago, so it's at the bottom of the pile up in Glasgow now.

    I'm assuming my training will start in around three months time. Will i get to come home around christmas time?

    In fact, what sort of ''go home'' time do you get during phase 1?


  2. For a start, dont be concentrating on home before you get there. Yes youll get leave at christmas and a long weekend at the end of week 6
  3. You'll be driving home for christmas. I bet you can't wait to see those smiling faces.
  4. Si just re-enlisted so my discharge docs are in that pile too at glasgow somewhere, i too should be starting 2-3 months, listen to the other guy though, dont be thinking about home during basic, just dont go there at all, you will get homesick anyway but youll just make yourself worse, and think of leave as a bonus or a reward for working hard rather than a privilege because im afriad once your in their hands you have no privileges.... any questions about basic mate don't hesitate to PM me and ask for msn or something id be pleased to give you the headsup ;)
  5. hey mate...got basic in 15 days!!! (1st july) at catterick (going in for rifles)...so any info would be great...please PM me if you have advice etc.

    much apreciated, thank you for your time

  6. Do you get a travel warrant for the train or are you left to your own devices to get home?
  7. Do try and use the search tool.


  8. It's not that i'll miss home or anything once i'm on basic. It's just the missus is flying back to the u.k around christmas, so it'd be good to be home around that time.

    Whats the deal with age groups when you join up? I'm 23, am i gonna be training with similar aged people or will it be a case of everyone together young and old?
  9. I was wondering, I start basic on the 22nd of September so considering its 14 weeks basic the 14 weeks should finish on the 29th of December i thought that there might be a chance of there being leave for christmas but surely that wouldnt be the case so close to the end of basic training?
    Any advise on this would be greatly appreciated Hendo
  10. I was actually thinking the same thing, I also start on this date... i think the best thing to do mate would be to ring the AFCO.
  11. If you get there quick first 10 get there own room and maid service.
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  12. Junior Entry - 16 - 17.5 year olds train together

    CMS SE - 18 - 28 (i think maybe younger or older) train together, why is that going to be a problem or something? ive seen many young recruits aged 18 show the skills of a 30 year old NCO so dont be worrying wether they are going to be dragging the platoon down, you are all going to be in the same boat.
  13. Yes you will get christmas leave from around the 21st of december to the 3rd/4th of january too long of a leave in my opinion some would disagree though.

    Did I mention you get a christmas dinner at the scoffhouse, few beers and the officers even serve you, YES they serve the recruits dinners :D and also a few speeches and whatnot, im re-enlisted for basic and count myself lucky to be training over xmas but personally dont agree with 2 weeks leave... i think i might go home for 3 days and just live on the camp for the rest thrashing myself in the gym whilst most recruits mong it at home....

    This definately applies to Pirbright, if your going to Catterick etc it should be the same I was told by someone who works at ATRP this applies to all army bases across the UK.
  14. Plus of course you will get all the Bank Holidays off plus a few extra days off for travelling. No overseas tours if they should be a bit inconvenient and you will be asked if you would like to volunteer for guard duties , just make sure the SSM says please when he asks you .