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Hi All,

Figured this woud be the best place to ask about this, after all some of the Gym Queen's I have known have actually knownw what they were talking about :D

After a few years (10) out and some ill health issues (mostly sorted now and in posession of a clean bill from the quack to train again) I am desperate to lose some weight so that I can get out running; I need to lose weight first because at 5'10" and 15st, with collapsed arches and ankles that took the brunt of a couple of Climbing Incidents (the law of gravity s enforced at all times) and a well hidden kerb stone in Sittang Camp; I am in a position where if I start running again now, I will be laid up for weeks and will be shouted at by a Physio not to be so damn stoopid and lose weight before trying it next time.

Soooo, I reckon a month of sweating on a Cross Trainer and sensible dietary alterations should see me back in the saddle, I am going for a X Trainer due to the level of impact involved and the fact that it is an alien movement for me which will help the old ticker get pumping quite efficiently.

Can anyone recommend one from personal experience, I am looking at the Reebok 5 series at the moment, which sits firmly in the £300 - £400 range, I don't want to spend much more than that, any opinions?

Before anyone mentions that joining my local Gym is cheaoer and has better kit, sorry but this is not an option, for reasons too boring to go into here, if anyone wants to know the full skinny I'll let you know, but it'll be by PM.

For added motivation I have a place in the British and "Great" London 10k runs in May and July of this year, not to mention the Great North in September, so c'mon opinions please.

FIIK -|-

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