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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Danny_Dravot, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. In the market for some new AV gear. About to move to super-fast broadband area and switch to VM with HD TV channels so though i'd go the whole hog & upgrade TV, DVD & Sound system.

    I'm a bit out of touch on whats out there and what it can do - if poss would like to integrate with mac devices...only limitations is budget, don't wish to kick the absolute hoop out of it (using Moore's law as a principle) certainly no more than £2k for the lot and other limitation is TV size, currently on a 42" but would like to go down a tad given the hit & miss sizing of SFA, finally don't want speaker wires everywhere, currently on a BOSE 321 which is fine & i like the set-up but now on its last legs...

    suggestions please!!!
  2. I bought a Panasonic 3D home theatre, with blu-ray, internet etc, ipod dock etc.

    It cost about £500 all in. 1000W of power. Excellent sound. Love it.
  3. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

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  4. Apple has adult content? Apologies for highjacking the topic but I am interested. I am using an Apple TV (2nd Generation) with a US account and watch the odd movie on it in the bedroom, never came across adult content. Not that I needed any, I have so much filth, the 500GB HDD had to be replaced by 1TB recently but I digress. I have however a WD HDTV Player with HDD's connected to them on every TV. All the kiddie stuff on one, classics on another and the filth on one well hidden away. It plays all media, I have yet to come across a video format it does not play. Said WD HDTV is connected to the inter web for god knows what (mostly firmware upgrade tbh) but offers youtube and other shite. I have everything go through a 5.1 Amp with 7 HDMI in and one out (to the TV) connected to an old Bose Accoustimas 15, sounds very good to my ears. Onkyo is the benchmark for affordable Amps and you'll get one with all the bells etc for about 400£ I reckon. Make sure it has a network connection if you are into Internet radio. iPod connector etc are obviously included and so is a lot of other stuff I do not use.
  5. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Admittedly I'm only getting just getting used to it, so may be wrong. But my issue is that we only have laptops so its not permanently networked to my full music library. Therefore being able to stick some music on the iPad and then AirPlay it across is a godsend.

    I also hate trying to do any typing with the remote. Much happier using the iPad as a remote as you get the full keyboard.

    I guess everyone is different. I percieve Apple TV as an extension rather than a standalone - but if it works for you then perhaps I can learn....
  6. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Tell me that's a typo or else I'll be very very jealous.
  7. ok, so i'm thinking i need something like an Onkyo TxNr717, a 40-42" HD TV, a decent set of speakers (any suggestions) and a device that enables airplay or mac functionality to enable mac devices to be controlled by my ipad?

    Will the Virgin Tivo box hook up to Amp - and is it Tivo Box, DVD player into amp by HDMI and then HDMI out to TV?
  8. Which projector did you go for roadster?

    I went for an epson 3200 and its amazing, if a bit on the big side..
    As for surround sound, i think Onkyo do some great stuff