Home Energy Inspectors?

Does anybody have and knowledge, experience or anecdotes about the new Home Energy inspectors that are coming 'online' any time soon?

Since leaving the army I have got into the construction sector. Im now a building surveyor and have recently qualified as an energy inspector.

My best advice would be to hold fire for now and see what happens to HIPS over the coming months.

Im not sure whether they will stay or Gordon Brown may still scrap them.

Course is quite easy and exams are not too bad. Depends what line of work you want to do though. I think that in the coming months many people will qualify so the actual salarys will drop quite a lot.

Any questions then PM

HIPS is a bl@@dy waste of money & effort.
It serves no practical use whatsoever in the housebuying market.
It is a 100% Stealth Taxation by a Nanny State.
Why should I, as a seller have to fork-out for a survey & report? For every potential buyer, its Caveat Emptor.
If I pay for the Report, and it contains a factual error, and the buyer completes the purchase based upon the report - who sues whom?
The Government Dept that conceived the crap idea obviously had nothing better to do, so went on a 'job creation' scheme, solely funded by "the Rich" i.e. home owners wishing to sell.
The energy report is a good idea, everyone wants to know if they can save money, do you not?

The searches that are the main bulk of the pack are paid for at this moment in time anyway. All that you are doing is paying for the searches on your house instead of the new house that your buying.

In all, HIPS only add £100 onto the house buying process. Small fish really.

Lots of misinformation out there.

The survey is optional.

The person completing the report will be sued.


Ps. Ill do anyone out there a great deal on a HIP or building survey !!
HIPS is a farce, home energy is gonna be the same and Air tightness has not even got off the ground. estate agents are advising all prospective buyers to have a good old fashioned structural survey in order to put all these fads to rest.
I went towards the HIPS 2 years ago and have to say it is Michael Mouse in terms of responsability.
If you want to get into the property business checkout the conveyancing side.
To check out the conveyancing side you are more likely to be a solicitor. My best mate does conveyancing and I can think of nothing more boring, being sat on your arrse 8 hours a day.

Structural surveys are not always necessary. I would only recommend this when the house is old or in a bad condition. They are v.expensive £600 plus.

A standard building survey is £350 and tells you a lot.

Construction is a massive industry with a lot of shortages. Train as a surveyor, either building or quantity, or a a site/project manager and you can guarantee work and a good income.


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