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I'm not making judgements, merely pointing out what the law says; and the consequences of failing to obey the law.

As for the "wholly excessive tax loading on certain things" where would you prefer that they levied indirect taxes? (given that Dir/92/12/EC (Article 3) and Dir/2003/96 (Article 1) require that excise duties are levied on booze and fags (92/12) and energy products (2003/96)?)

Edited to add: "Evasion is illegal, avoidance - whilst questionable/immoral isn't.
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having said that, marrow rum is a doddle, but I am too pissed to remember how I made it
salforddude said:
The homebrew shop I use sells a home still. Asked the woman what it was for, she came over all shifty and said "distilling flower essences for perfume. And stuff". They also sell bags of activated charcoal, good for filtering the fusel oil out. You really dont want high concentrations of that


Theres also Turbo yeast etc

I used to know a bloke down in Gloucester who had a still in a mine, made very convincing calvados tyle stuff, he used to filter his through a tank of fullers earth

Very useful stuff, can also be used to take the red out of red diesel. Not the same tank as you use for purifying poteen obviously
When I was a boy (rural area) there were fairly regular incidents (involving extensive burns) as people tried to get the red right out of the diesel.................And you never saw a farmer with a petrol car.

I think these days the concessions the revenue have made mean that you are very nearly as well buying an old diesel car and putting a dollop of (I think) white spirit into vegetable oil. I think you can use a couple of thousand litres a year, and who could keep track?
I have met a guy who had a legal home still he used for giving lectiures on whisky. He had to jump through a good few hoops but he is legal and I have seen the still operating and tasted the product. Good evening that was.
I have brought this thread back to life because of the continued talk of minimum pricing on alcohol. Most of the comments on this thread regarding home distillation making methanol and making you go blind is so much Government bullshit, continually pushed out to prevent those that know little about chemistry having a go.

Home distillation, even with a grain wash produces so little methanol that its not worth talking about. Home distillation does, on the other hand produce a drink that is superior in every way to the shop bought muck that is sold as acceptable. This is because only the 'hearts' are kept, unlike commercial operations when a large quantity of the tails (the part that ensures you get a sore head) is also included. A gentleman I know puts his clean spirit into demijohns with two to three small sticks of charred sherry barrel staves and his product has been compared to 8 and 12 year old single cask whisky after only eight weeks. As an added bonus, if you overindulge you will have a large thirst in the morning but no headache!

Economically a kilo of sugar produces just over half a litre of 94 -95% AbV (alcohol by volume); when cut 40 /60 or 50 /50 with water gives over a litre of good quality alcohol for just over the price of a kilo of sugar.

The ONLY reason home distillation is illegal is because of Government protectionism. They do not want to lose the revenue that spirits earn them. In a similar vein, I once had a Chief Constable tell me that no Government would fully legalise marijuana as it was too easy to grow and it would be impossible for the Government to raise revenue on it.

For those with real interest in the process may I direct you to the following site:
Home Distillation of Alcohol


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Are they many distillers amongst members ? have been practising this hobby for the past few years. I first started using a pot still first and when I mastered the pot still I then invested in a T500 still from Still Spirits a couple of years ago, anyone else practising this hobby ?
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