Home Defence Force only?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Steven, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. With all the news of the government cutting RAF procurement, Navy not getting any new boats, Army troops numbers heading into the cellar, no new cash for defence etc etc.

    How long until we have a home defence force only and would this be a bad idea?

    Close all the overseas bases and bring all the troops back to the UK, this would be a massive saving and the cash saved can be used for either a)upgrade of equipment to the best available for the much smaller number of troops b) oneleggedblacklesbiandwarf outreach centres or c)MPs expense accounts.

    We would be able to refuse to get involved in any more badly thought out overseas adventures and so long as we keep our own (ish) bucket of sunshine machines then we would be just as safe as now.

    So what say the forum? Good idea? Is it just a matter of time anyway or am I as normal just wibbling?
  2. If we do that, then we stop being who we are. We've been an outward-looking nation since Harold was washed up on the coast of Normandy, and to think of that tradition ending to save a bit of cash turns my stomach.
  3. What, and lose the LOA for Germany? - sod that!
  4. A home defence force only and to whom would you leave the security of your commercial interests and how exactly then would Britain have any sort of leverage on the World stage to influence positive outcomes to thorny situations?

    Such an experiment would certainly prove disasterous as the UK relies solely upon trade to stay solvent thus would be extremely vulnerable to foreign interference.
  5. Funny how our military has been destroyed without a wimper from the press.

    We might as well all emigrate to Australia if this nation roles over and dies.
  6. So it is a bad idea from the position of national defence, foriegn policy, defence diplomacy and international relations...

    Given the decison making prowess of the Defence and Foriegn Secrataries, Tony doesn't care any more and Gordon only wants it cheaper, guess what will happen.
  7. Well Germany & Japan to name just two seem to have no problems with this system.

    They seem to be able to stay solvent enough. Anyway since when did we use force or the threat thereof to solve thorny situations recently?
  8. Germanys defence force is 5 times bigger than our Army tho! I don't mind avn a def force if its on that scale!
  9. Conscription in the UK? An army full of Chavs? No thanks.
  10. A home defence force would only work against a force that makes an overt attack on the country. If we tried to use it to stop any terrorist attacks, then the army becomes nothing more than a militant police force, and from there its only a short step to disaster.
  11. They don't like it up em Capt Mainwaring.
  12. But Gordon isn't going to be bothered how much it costs once he's in number 10 is he? More importantly, he's going to have the drop on whoever he puts in number 11 (Ed Balls?) Bliar had to kow-tow to Brown because of his place within the Liarbour party and the Granita agreement but Brown will be free to do whatever he likes. Prepare for full blown megalomania as Gordon secures his place on the world stage - ie we end up doing more with even less.
  13. Lousy examples to use...

    Japan relies on our Pacific fleet, two Marine divisions, and the three divisions of the Army's I corps as well as more USAF elements than I can list to mantain their external security and secure their economic interests in the region.

    Germany posseses natural resources well beyond what the UK has available and has not skimped on supplying their Navy one iota. They might not have major surface combatants but they do have some of the most advanced submarines, destroyers, and frigates afloat with all the toys money can buy. Also... Germany has no holdings or territorial claims outside their borders to protect.

    Far as use of force... there have been a few occasions of direct action in the past quarter century by your military and many more incidents where the presence of force rather than it's use was enough to end a situation.
  14. Sounds good to me, the UK could hide under the US umberella as well if needed.

    What massive natural resources do the Germans have that the UK is lacking? Not oil and gas not coal (they still use theirs but we still have enough underground for the next 300years).

    The Germans spend their (smaller than the UK) defence budget wisely on those things that they might be able to use, nothing stopping the Uk doing the same if the miltary was brought into the UK only.

    And we have exactly how many colonies to worry about now?
  15. I subscribe to Teddy Roosevelt's dictum, 'Speak softly but carry a big stick'. To avoid resorting to first use of nuclear weapons, we need a conventional 'stick' big enough and credible enough to deter any other country from using force to damage our worldwide political, economic and other interests. In 1929, major conflict was unthinkable so we all but demilitarised and hoped the USA would step in if necessary. In 1939, we were fighting on our own for our survival.