Home Computer Initiative

I believe that they may look at it when they introduce JPA. Thats what we've been told....
Interesting how they would look at it with regard to tax. Seems to be good diea but not happy that computer would be part of your salary and you would have to pay tax on perceived value.

Much better to get work to give you laptop as part of work, rather than salary, and use at home as required (due mine in 2/3 weeks).
I am sure I have seen this discussed in another thread recently. Some civvie firms can register on a scheme and their employees get cheap PCs for use at home. Pretty sure HMF not in scheme!! As for JPA, have seen a lot on that but nothing on the lines of PCs at home. Reckon we will be lucky to get them in work!! Although the DII upgrade which units will need to complete before getting JPA does give units a number of laptops. As has been said, try and get one if any are left after your Regt's hierarchy have had their grubby hands on them.
I cannot get a link but there was a reply from DPS(A) to a letter in September's Soldier Magazine on the same subject (p 49). It is a long reply but in it it states:

...'Our current schemes cannot support the immediate introduction of a salary discount scheme. If the Home Computing Initiative (HCI) scheme is approved, it will be possible to offer it to personnel only from 2007, once our new Joint Personnel Administration system is in place...Readers may not be aware of existing opportunities to buy computer equimpment for the ICS catalogue at discounted prices. Contact the DCSA Catalogue helpdesk on ******* or look in the Forces Discount Brochure'.
(Corrected Link)

Chipshop, welcome to arrse :D

Am I right in guessing you are not currently in the Forces? I know civi companies and some other govt. departments can use this scheme but from everything I've read here we're unable to, for the moment at least.

I think what MODBloke says stands. The initiative might be there but unless the Forces are able to implement it, we're still no further forward.

P.S. Our pay is fcuked up enough without adding this!
yellowbelly said:
As has been said, try and get one if any are left after your Regt's hierarchy have had their grubby hands on them.
As opposed to handing them out to the scrotes to surf the net and w@nk themselves to death!

Get real fella - IT is a prime resource and it will be given to those that need them for their work, not personal use. This is not a democracy its a publicly funded army!

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