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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HHH, Apr 5, 2011.

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    Well if disallowed, then surely they should ban all the other marches they like out there?
  3. It would be interesting to read the Parades Commission ruling on it.
  4. I think it would be exempt from the parades commision ruling on it, as it has an invite from the council, plus the Royal Irish hold the keys to the city as far as I know, so legally I think they can just up and march if they so wished.

    Anyway, I hope it goes ahead and they get a similar turnout as the last time they marched, numbers around the tens of thousands again would be wonderful.
  5. Seconded, I was at the last one and it was an awesome turnout with a really good atmosphere. Mega pyss up aswell afterwards. Might have to check out the price on sleazy jet if this one gets the go ahead.
  6. They reckon between 30 and 40 thousand turned up for the last one, with the Royal Irish and the Irish Guards, losing six men between them, I'm sure this turnout again, would lift their morale a little, with a massive show of support for them
    Its the least the ordinary joe in the street can do for them.
  7. Good for them, hope they have a good craic and its not hijacked by ********* on either side.
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  8. Hopefully I'll be up to see my relatives around that date, if so, I'd love to go out and see the coming home parade. :D
  9. Indeed, I spent about 3 weeks with 1 R IRISH on H13 and they are a cracking set of lads. ISTR some twats trying to spoil the last parade but got swiftly quashed by the PSNI who were well on the ball.
  10. If the peelers hadn't intervened, I think the thousands who rushed towards the scumbags, would have gracefully, kicked them backup to the rebel hell-hole that is the Falls Rd, but that would have spoilled the day. Hopefully if this goes ahead, its not ruined.
  11. Yes that is correct. I live in Boston where RAF Coningsby have the Freedom of the Borough as it is known here and they are allowed to march through the town anytime they choose. (with weapons might I add) they rarely exercise this right except for special occasions like the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Remembrance Sunday etc and they do have an annual Freedom of the Borough parade but I don't think they have done a homecoming parade yet though I may be wrong.

    I hope RIR get their parade.
  12. The Micks have a medals parade in Windsor 25th June time tbc
  13. The bearded onearranged for people most of them kids to let off a load of black balloons, just like Al Qaida. That was the big joke we all had the last time around. Smashing drinkies afterwards. I hope the bearded one does this again there by showing the world that being a fenian taiggy waiggy is of the same Ilk as al qaida (which it fuckig is).
  14. Enlighten me as to what a 'taiggy waiggy' is?
  15. skid2

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    Comfortable seat, cup of coffee, feet up, carry on.