Oh learned ones, I seek advice and counsel over a DIY CCTV requirement I have......

I need to cover a parking area outside my house. I have a nuisance neighbour who plays silly buggers over parking places, blocks people in if he is not happy, generally obnoxious. Also 'someone' has been laying poison for animals and it would be nice to get some images of the twat. The first reason is due to ongoing harassment which is having an upsetting effect on my wife and daughter. Dropping the twat is not an option, I have more to lose than him. The second reason is the fact that 'parking nutter' is the prime suspect and got away with circumstantial evidence from the CPS when he poisoned my daughters No1 cat.

I see from my research already that the important bits are:

1. IR Capability or ability to do well in lo/no light situations
2. good enough quality to be used as evidence
3. motion detection
4. unobtrusive camera if external is the only option (Grade II listed building). internal would be nice,Covert would be nicer.
5. extra bells and whistles not really required I just need images/video stored.
6. simplest system going. (not thick just don't want to be fannying around with it once it is set up :))
7. wireless camera (Covert) that I can fit in/on my shed to get another angle on the target area. (have power in shed)

The rest I ask for your assistance. Should I look at DVR or PC route, can anyone recommend cameras? I have looked, honest guv, and to be honest its all a bit confusing.
Not a computer/IT duffer so not phased by PC option based on linux or such like. Learnt how to do wiring in the mob so not worried about that sort of thing.
All recommendations gratefully received, cost is an option so need to keep it as cheap as possible.

Happy to make a donation to H4H for your time and thoughts. Any experts out there?

Happy on the legalities and DPA issues, that I do for a living :)

I really would like to get this Bastard.
you could probably get a relatively cheap one and just bang up a Motion light with it (this adds the added bonus of if he looks he will just assume your putting up the light) and it will probably save you a bundle. Argos sell a couple of wireless cameras I think, Ill have a nosey.

I am not a professional though but I will ask a few questions tomorrow, hope this helps if not ill be quiet.
Thanks JC, afraid the light is a non-starter, the parking area is a shared parking area. While I would be quite happy to melt the fat tub of lard with a Stalag-luft 11 array of lights I don't want to upset the other neighbours. The majority of whom all get on with each other and are united in an unusual community spirit in wishing this one sod no good will.
Many Thanks for the time and responses. There will be a donation to Hols4heroes going in as a thank you at the same time I purchase one of those Y cams. Now to have the fun installing Zoneminder and getting it to work.
I tried to rig one up years ago. The actual camera lens is positioned close to the front door in full view of callers. Although it's not connected to any power source (the cables just run into the shed), it has acted as an effective deterrent for years. Both my neighbours have had intruders but not me.
I've used ZM for years with a wired cam covering my driveway and front door. I back up the captures after a month onto an external drive, then delete them after a year.
Try PM'ing aunty stella he has his own company for secuirty cams etc sure he can give you some pointers. And had an arsey neighbour like yours before even tried to square up to me when i had my daughter in her pram soon wound his neck in when I got him lifted and a lawyers letter sent. Twat also kicked my gate in so a bit of spray paint over his pristine white washed wall was a deep joy as well as deflating his works van's tyres and placing large nails underneath them. I also hear epanding foam in the exhaust is a good trick.

Remember you can be a bigger **** than him without being caught theres also a book of ***** tricks to use on him on the net as well by an ex CIA man
Of course your most importaint piece of equipment a Warning sign that the area is CCTV covered, else watch as said turd will laugh as your "evidence" will be inadmisable, and be told to shove it up your arse! :)
Of course your most importaint piece of equipment a Warning sign that the area is CCTV covered, else watch as said turd will laugh as your "evidence" will be inadmisable, and be told to shove it up your arse! :)
Had an interesting debate on thi one along with data protection act issues.

My understanding (usual non-legal person caveat) is that signs are a nice to have and usually sensible but not a legal requirement and the data protection act doesn't apply.

This only counts for systems which are static, cover private property and are not associated with any other form of database (i.e. manual recording of names of people against time etc.)

I've looked at this a few times, personally I am more of a fan of the DVR approach with wired cameras....the PC takes a lot of power to run and a powercut will kill your system as it won't reboot, wired as i think it gives a better picture and i'd rather not have other people hacking my system.

Prices have been dropping in the last few years, you can get a decent wired DVR 4 camera system for a couple of hundred quid.

Try going to SWAN cctv systems. Maplin now stock a good range that you can even log into from any pc on the planet.

However I used to work for the government so clandestine cameras was my department. You can even get cameras that look like dog pooh, birds or even door handles and outside lights. Be warned though you need a certain amount of light to operate these lights unless you have a 0 Lux (or -0 lux). Also infra lights are now virtually undetectable so you dont get the tell tale red glow from the emitters. Best quality ones are underwater ones, built to withstand a bomb blast! Dont worry about colour, b/w will do as long as you have some good interploration software to rebuild a dodgy image. If the CIA can see someone picking their nose at 300 miles away I am sure you'll have it all covered for about £500.00

I believe the estate of paranoid psychopath Raoul Moat has a large number of CCTV cameras for sale after they were detached from his council house.

Alternatively, you could slip 50 quid each to a couple of steroid enthusiasts down at your local gym to come round and fill your neighbour in.

As a last resort, I believe that in 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire ......
If someone has been laying poison for animals have you thought about getting the RSPCA on the case?

They may well have kit they can install for you until the bloke is caught.

Joshua Slocum

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not heard any more on this thread
I am considering installing CCTV, my neighbour over the road has it, and it caught two burglars nicking stuff from the house next door to him
our biggest problem is that the money has moved into the area, old front gardens once full of flowers and lawns with a narrow drive have now been replaced by paved areas and some very expensive cars
this attracts the scum from the local estate
yesterday I was sitting watching the tele and heard a bang looked out could not see anything
my neightbours garage door had been forced and 5Ks worth of road bikes nicked
they hid behind his VW transporter van
tonight I spotted a couple of monkeys hanging about and follwed them
they were doing the entire road, up and down drives and breaking into a van
luckily fatty here did his ninja display and stalked them like I stalk teenage girls
one little chump is inside for the night
I would like to install a basic cctv that records all the time
that way I can pull stuff back and post it to the police
any ideas on kit
I dont want top of the range stuff, we are set back from the road so a dome camera would be ideal
concealing cameras in housings is no problem for me
we already have an external monitor that operates a warning in each room if people walk up the drive
the area is well light into the bargain

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