Home CCTV - Advice on legalities

Seeking advice on the legalities for putting up a home CCTV system.

I have a wireless enabled DVR with scope for 8 cams. I have obtained a pair of smoke domed PTZs that I want to fix to the eaves on each corner of my house so I can cover all my arcs. A friend has told me that there may be certain legal requirements on the type of camera to use in a residential area. He told me to stick with static cameras with fixed viewpoints as these would not upset the neighbours and would be seen as less obtrusive.

Is he talking cack or can i install the ultimate voyeur kit without plod/council ordering me to take them down.

Any one else ran into issues with home cctv systems.
You will have to advertise the fact your running CCTV it's illegal and won't stand up in court if you don't have them advertised simple sticker on the window saying CCTV monitored premises or 24 hr CCTV recording in the premise should cover you
You can have cctv viewing an area which pertains to you, i.e. directly over your car on your driveway/front door, etc.
If it covers anywhere where members of the public are going about their business, i.e a portion of the street 50 yards away, then you would need to advertise it and register it with the commissioner of information.
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