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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by OldAdam, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. Keith Vaz and ACPO, hardly going to be a sensible discussionis it?
    We have firearms laws amongst the most draconian in the world and they are an abject failure. You can lay heavy odds that the recomendation will be for even more restrictive laws which will have absolutely no effect whatsoever.
  2. Have until 27 August to make written submissions. All here.

    The Home Affairs Committee Inquiry Into Firearms Control 2010 - A GUIDE FOR SUBMITTING EVIDENCE

    Ill considered and plain window-licking responses deeply unhelpful but very important individuals and clubs as well as the national organisations do pitch in. The anti lobby will be piling in: everybody from those with true cause for concern, bandwagon jumping grief monkeys, class warriors and feminists (I sh1t ye not) will vent their ignorace.

    Sit on hands whilst moaning or, perhap worse, let narrow minded vested interests happily p1ss away particular types of weapon because it does not impact "their" oh so glorious and only real shooting sport, and we get what we deserve.
  3. If the committee carries out its remit properly and honestly, that is to say: "The committee will examine the extent to which legally-held guns are used in crime and whether licensing rules are adequate.", there can only be one answer. Which is: The extent to which legally-held guns are used in crime is negligible, compared to the number of crimes committed with illegally held firearms. Therefore firearms licensing has a negligible impact on armed crime and so further restrictions will have little if any impact.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The first point to be made to this committee is that, even with illegally held weapons, gun crime in the UK is about as low as it's possible to get anywhere in the developed world.

    Further legislation against legitimate use will not make one iota of difference, where as much, much harsher sentencing provision for firearms crimes, with minimum sentences increased dramatically for some forms might actually change things.

    I'll be making a submission.
  5. The Police are already incapable of administering the raft of restrictions and controls that they have put in place. Given that the Police are likely to receive a budget cut and a kick in the pants quite soon, it seems inconceivable that they'd be able to cope with any more firearms controls - particularly of the "regular mental health checks" type proposed by that utter tit Ian Blair...

    I fear that the committee will merely take the easy route and recommend introduce the next round of "bans" already pencilled in on the agenda....

  6. Quite agree. It's bad news IMHO that Vaz is heading it up. I'm amazed and a bit dissappointed that Blairite sh1te has been given any job in the new government. I had hoped we'd seen the back of him for good. Next thing Mandybum will be rehabilitated!

    Also, this idea of some kind of mental health check. My wife is a psycologist. Her view is that no proffesional could possible give any kind of undertaking that Mr X was never going to flip and go off the rails. The proffesional would have to err on the side of caution and where would that leave us, the certificate holder? The police, in the interests of 'public safety' would feel bound to suspend our certificate as we didn't get a cast iron 'sanity' note. Bollox!
  7. It will achieve the square root of **** ALL, what proportion of guncrime is commited with licenced firearms either legally held or stolen?
    Shootings happen in London almost every week and the same in many of the other major cities in Britain see :- The gang shootings that put police with machine guns on London's streets | UK news | The Observer
    virtually NON of these is with legal firearms stolen or otherwise. There is a flourishing blackmarket for illegal weapons, mainly smuggled in from E. Europe, these are the ones being used in the gang warfare and by criminals on our streets.
    But once again the usual suspects will want even more controls on legally held Shotguns and rifles, having a further dig at the hunting & sporting fraternity!
    If they opened their eyes and actually thought for a moment it would be obvious, did the IRA & other terrorists in NI use legally held firearms, stlen or otherwise, in the vast majority of cases NO, they smuggled them in from places like the USA & Libya!
    Even if there was a TOTAL BAN on all firearms, the guncrime would NOT DECREASE one iota, the criminals couldn't give a flying **** for any controls brought in, the only people to suffer would be the hunting/sporting owners!
  8. He isn't in Government. He Chairs a House of Commons Select Committee. Not the same thing at all.
  9. Sorry. My mistake. Should have read by this government!
  10. The Chair of a Select Committee is not in the gift of the government of the day. Select Committees are Parliamentary bodies - nothing to do with the Government.
  11. So how does one end up as chair of a committee if the government can't appoint people to it?

    edited because I didn't read the original link!
  12. You may be confusing the Government with Parliament. The Prime Minister appoints the Secretaries of State, the Ministers of State (so-called Junior Ministers) and the Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State, they form the Government. Everyone else, even members of the Government Party (or Parties these days), is simply a Member of Parliament or Peer.

    It is frowned on for even the Whips to get involved in Select Committees (but they do try), let alone the PM or his Ministers.Parliamentary Private Secretary