Home affairs committee seeking representations with regard to firearms legislation

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Watcher, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. Still sweating over it!

    It's bloody difficult to get everything you really want to say into the limit of 2,500 words.

    You can use footnotes and appendices, which don't count against the 2,500 word limit..

    If you don't stick to the questions they are looking at, they will just bin your submission.

    Keep it polite... Hmmm.

    Keep it simple...but that's the difficulty because it's a bloody complicated argument!
  2. Is there a word limit on submissions? If there is I'm going to have to start over from scratch!
  3. 2,500 words. Don't forget the requirement for an executive summary. I imagine they will get quite a few responses and if they don't have a summary they certainly won't bother to read all 2,500 words. Advice is to keep it simple, easy to read and punchy. Be polite; don't get angry (Heaven forfend...)

    Some advice here:

    Guide for Witnesses to House of Commons Select Committees - UK Parliament

    And suggested points from the NRA and BSSC here:

    National Rifle Association of the UK | NRA | News | All
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Most large orgs haave prepared a standard response for members to send in, almost a lobbying effect. I wouldnt trust some of them to do anything other than look after their own narrow field (names need not be mentioned) so I suspect that they would form a good crib sheet for starting from.
  5. Can they not leave well alone?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Politicians? Go and take your head for a wobble.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If all was well I would agree withh you, however as I have nothing to add which would result in a tightening of legislation rather than some sensible redrafting then I wont be responding. lets face it they dont want common sense responses which would include ideas such as a firearms passport allowing the owner to purchase weapons from various classes rather than the beauracratic mess that we currently use to keep retired plod employed!
    Common sense and legislation have never sat together!
  8. Foolish of me I know but I thought that the time for common sense was upon us again. Fcuk that for a game of soldiers...
  9. I hope that everyone has made at least some response to this AND copied their MP. MPs measure issues by weight!

    You can be sure that they antis will be in there calling for complete bans and other such nonsense. The HO Mandarins and ACPO will also be tacking on the bits that they have kept in abeyance until here was another incident that they could ride on the back of.

    You only have until tomorrow.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'm letting HBSA and NGO submit. I dont want to rant and I certainly dont want to crayon over it.

    edited because that comes across as idle which is true but this time around the media dont have the bloodhounds looose, the GCN loons have been exposed and I trust both the HBSA but definetly the NGO in light of their last submission.
    The people I wouldnt trust are the NRA who are neither national nor organised. The last submission they provided was a clear indication of their desire to take over all firearms use in the UK and effectively control licensing. The plod are bad enough we dont need the NRA cocking it all up.
  11. I get a bad feeling that will ban everything, only issue facs for professional use only. The very least we can expect firearms to ordered to be stored in clubs only thanks to daily mail and ******* acpo.

    Why does acpo and most coppers hate the fact that civis are allowed to keep our firearms at home ?? Is it cause armed coppers are not allowed to take theirs home and are jealous or something???

    I can't believe there are calls to put fac holders on a register like dirty nonces ( maby there plan to put us (fac holders) on the same (nonce) register )

    Thanks to labour government, they have turned this nation into pussys!!!!!,

    And I just put a new bigger ammo safe in June and was planning on getting .44 lbr...........I don't hold much faith cause just a month before dunblane I was ready to put in for my fac for ruger 10/45 pistol or .22 beretta and that shit happened now this!!!!!!!!! So just like 96 no handgun for me AGAIN

    **** you acpo, daily mail, UK government and ignorant scared of their own shadow unless public

    What else will this government take away from me !

    Anyone notice that government obsession disarming us and at the same time arming the coppers with more powerfull military type carbines and rifles

    Rant over
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I think that you will find that all certificate holders (and possibly failed applicants) are on the PNC so if you drive past aan ANPR vehicle it will flag up if you are the registered owner. I'm thinking about putting both cars in the wifes name so as to give them less of a reason to stop and search. That said mine are all for professional use and I am teaching as many classes as I can to get more stalkers into the system before any changes get onto a green paper. lets face it there is more for Call me Dave to do that sits far higher up the "to do list" than screwing us over again (another typical Tory stunt by the way).
    I hope that CMD's announcement that there seemed to be very little that could have been done to prevent this apart from (possibly in my opinion) making the local plod look poor for lack of response, lack of medical info etc.
    medical notes are already held by plod for applicants, the worst that may come on that score is the doctor knowing and dobbing you in if you lose a family member etc.
  13. Just overlooking the the rest of your rant for a moment, what an earth has the Labour Government go to do with it? The two most repressive Acts in recent history, 1988 and 1997, have been by the Tories!
  14. I missed this. Oh well with Keith Vaz chairing the committee I probably would have been wasting my time anyway.