Homage to the FV 430

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by biffins-bridge, May 8, 2011.

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  1. Reading another thread this morning got me thinking. The FV 430 series of vehicles has got to be one of the best ever procurements for the MoD - with well over 40 years of service.

    Introduced in the 1960's it served as the main infantry fighting vehicle in BAOR throughout the 70's and 80's before being replaced by Warrior; it continues to be deployed with the RE, RA, RAMC, R sigs and other Regts.

    In the last 20 years the different varients of the 430 has been deployed operationally as a personel carrier, mine layer, ambulance, command vehicle, recovery vehicle etc. in the Gulf War, Former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Can't think of any other bit of kit with a record like that.

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  2. Try this

    "Original Item: Standard issue to all mechanized and Artillery units as well as Sappers and Engineers, these are the correct shovels used by the British military for over 100 years. Wood "T" handle with steel blades bearing military markings and WW2 dates"[​IMG]
  3. Spoons,....
  4. A you f@cking mad, the 432 Mk1 was a death trap, if the battery's didn't get you when they shorted out and exploded under the driving seat the exhaust pipe set fire to the cam-nets, and the permanent fuel leak under the floor meant you were driving a large petrol bomb most of the time, I always drove with a spare fire extinguisher on my lap
  5. Yeh, I'll give you that but the Mk2, 2/1 and 3 are safer and have been in service longer than Mk 1's. The only Mk 1's I ever came accross were in BATUS.
  6. i was a baby tiffy in 11 Armd Bde in 89 the Queens had them (Mk1) we used think BATUS was a doddle as they all worked over there
  7. Don't they come with Warrior engine & g/box nowadays?
  8. We used to run a book on how far out of camp we'd get before one brewed up - verdict - shite
  9. I liked soldiering in the mk2's in the 70's in Germany. Cushy form of infanteering to be honest churning up all those lovely german fields and working with tanks who looked like they had it even better than us. I recall a couple of years later going on exercise on the Salisbury Plains in mk1's and most of the blokes had the hump because you couldn't smoke in the back of them because of the risk of the petrol going up with you in them. Getting bits for them was a pain. We did an FFR in Germany and they had to tow some of them out onto the parade square and hope that the inspecting general wasn't going to be too keen and order us to mount up and move out. There would have been some red faces when he would have seen that 5 or 6 of them couldn't go anywhere. Fortunately he was more interested in getting to the officers mess for lunch.
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  10. Are you a Green Jacket?
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  11. Since the finishing up of Telic, are the Bulldogs being used on Ops or is it just Warriors now?
  12. one of the best laughs in my life was when the CO.Adj, and RSM went for a sly drag in the back of C/S 6 , my wagon, as they shut the door I noticed and ran screaming for them to get out of there, to late, f@cking great WHOOMP, and well scorched victims diving out of the back and me ROTFMSL, by f@ck did the RSM make my life misery after that
  13. Sure they did tropper.
  14. That must have been BATUS then, the only place that I encountered Petrol 432s.

    There was a slight possibility that they could go "Whoomp", but on my 3 BATUS excercises, this didnt happen, even though we were all smoking in the back (and front).

    It would truely appear that you, Tropper, are a natural magnet for all urban myths that have occurred in our Army. If someones fired a Jack Russel out of an M109 (highly unlikely as it would not fit in the chamber), you ve probably fired a Great Dane out of a M110...................................
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  15. Just outside Gifhorn actually about 75