Holy Week bomber may help disident terrorists

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, May 14, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    A notorious IRA bomber who murdered 3 UDR soldiers in a cowardly bomb attack may be helping disident republican terrorists,MI5 fear.


    If there was peace in N.I,Why is the activities still going onIncidentally,I was talking to a PSNI officer the other day who told me the bomb found in Lurgan the other month was destined for Banbridge,A loyalist town with a lot of police families residing in it.
  2. It's strange, NI is still having issues with punishment shootings, knee cappings and the like, but the Media never seem to report this stuff happening. I think it's because the government want the public to believe that NI is getting better, when really it isn't all that different from a few years back. Except that we have less troops over there with a much reduced ability to observe. :roll:
  3. Worrying times Spike. Those barstewards don't seem to want to give up. The bomb found at Lurgan was quite a coup but let's hope the security services can keep the momentum up. A lucky esacpe for Banbridge but I hope and pray one won't slip through the net. Maybe Gerry and Martin can lend a hand?

    Probably not.
  4. What to do? carry the bomb, in that case I hope it's an "Own Goal". They will never give up it's been going on for centuries they never report everything on the mainland One reason some people this side of the Irish Sea think the Irish and Ireland should be towed to and collectively drowned in the Atlantic.
    at least that's what an Edinburgh taxi driver informed, me he got no tip that day.Secondly Tony Blair is paranoid about what the history books are going to say about him, Nothing good as far as I'm concerned ,he thinks he'll go down as the British Prime minister who found the answer to the Irish question I think he'll find that the Irish will just change the question. Gladstone once said his mission was "to Pacify Ireland" a better man than Tony Blair
  5. So far, the police/security services seem to be doing a good job of keeping the lid on large-scale terrorism. To that extent, the situation has improved since the early '90s and further back.

    Obviously the adage about 'an acceptable level of violence' is a horrific one, but to a certain extent it's true - callous though it sounds, I'd certainly rather there were a handful of murders a month than a return to the bad old days of bombings on the mainland.

    But I can't help remembering the IRA's message to Maggie after the Brighton Hotel bombing. "We only have to be lucky once. You have to be lucky all the time." What will the effect on NI be when a bomb like the one intercepted the other month gets through? Potentially, by putting out the message that everything's peaceful now, problems are just being stored up for the future.

  6. Isn´t it time to `mop up`these old hangers on of a lost cause,they must be all over 60 and can´t out-run a boy scout but seem to be making a mockery of our intelligence agencies.

    If the IRA or whatever they now call themselves wish to present a `Respectable`image,they must clear up their back-yards and put these remnants of a totally useless and bloody war into retirement,no it doesn´t have to be ´permanent´ but they must be stopped.

    How much longer must the people of Ireland put up with these scum?