Holy Offensive. Mon Eve Channel 4. Bigots and censorship


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I watched 'Holy Offensive' on channel 4 last nigth in which a variety of religious bigots explained why things they find offensive should be banned. The usual targets appeared in thier sight: Salman Rushdie/The Satanic Verses; The Dutch guy who was murdered; Jerry Springer The Opera; Besty (the play in Brum that upset the Sikh community; The Life of Brian....

I find these bigots offensive - why shouldn't we be protected from them spreading thier poison?

The answer to my question is free speach - and this has to be hammered home to these bigots. Unfortunately we have a Government which is inclined to give in to bigotry - home office Minister who thought what happened in Brum was acceptable.

Rant Over
the police should have beaten the protestors into bloody rags .And the next time whoever kicks off should have their place of worship bulldozed
tossers the lot
Best quote of the programme from Rowan Atkinson: "the right to offend people is more important than people's right not to be offended."
Good job for this site that tht's true!
The answer for the Brum theatre should have been 2 battalions in a cordon round it. The show should have gone on, and if the boys in blue can't cope, then it's time for a bit of MACP :evil:

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